Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Corruption DHHS Maine / Elizabeth Hardink, LSW


Elizabeth Hardink, LSW checked off every box on those fake medical releases and received all mine and my children's medical records. I want them back!! Where are they?


Her Slander and Defamation of this mother is pathetic. The mother doesn't even have a speeding ticket.

Per National Journal Of Medicine: When a child is removed from a loving home it is so Traumatizing it causes them "Neurological Brain Damage".  That's what Elizabeth Hardink, LSW wanted to do to these children. Neurological Brain Damage washes out as behavioral and emotional problems then DHHS abuses Psych. Drugs to control them and blames the problems on the parents.

  • Never let social workers in your home without a warrant. 
  • Post your property private property no Trespassing. If they harass you and refuse to leave you can do a Citizens Arrest on them. Record, verbally inform them 3 times to leave, then verbally inform them they are under Citizens Arrest for Trespassing, Harassment, Disturbing the Piece, and anything else you can think of. Don't touch them, simply call the Sheriff who is suppose to uphold the Constitution.
  • Teach your children reverse Miranda. 
  • Do not answer their questions. 
  • Video tape and record everything. 
  • Request the DHHS record immediately, they have 30 days to give it to you.
  • Tell them they do not have a right to open a case on your family, they are suppose to ask that. 
  • Tell them their is no danger and they don't have a right to open a case.
  • Invoke all your Constitutional, Parental, and Civil Rights. 
  • Don't allow them to speak to your children unless it is Court Ordered. 
  • Do nothing unless it's Court Ordered. 
  • In Maine you do not have to tell them you are recording. 
  • Digital Recorders are like $40 have over 100 hours recording time, and pick up everything even if in your pocket or purse. 
  • Don't take their shit. Call them out on their abuses and lies. 
  • Record Medical Appointments and Simply Store them on your computer in case you need them. 
  • Doctors will lie and lie and lie and will not dictate their abuses. 

Child Protective Services targets the poor minorities and especially single mothers.  Kids to Order Adoption Industry.

Friday, May 19, 2017

LePage push to treat drug, alcohol use during pregnancy as child abuse suffers setback

A legislative committee dealt a blow to Gov. Paul LePage’s bill that would designate drug or alcohol use by pregnant woman as child abuse. 
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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Maine’s Speaker of the House Sponsors Legislation to Reduce Child Poverty

Maine’s Speaker of the House has brought legislation forward she says will help reduce child poverty in the state.

More >> Maine’s Speaker of the House Sponsors Legislation to Reduce Child Poverty

Governor's bill targets substance abuse by pregnant women

Maine's Republican governor wants to require everyone from a school bus driver to camp counselors to report a pregnant woman's suspected substance abuse.

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Maine's DHHS Snatched 905 Kids Last Year

May is National Foster Care Propaganda Awareness Month and like she has over the last few years, DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew comes out pleading for more gullible suckers potential foster parents to warehouse a stolen kid open their hearts and their homes for a child in need.
The state says there's a continued need for foster homes in Maine as more children come into state custody because of parental substance abuse. 
More >> Maine DHHS says foster homes needed for kids with special needs
On top of that, the article goes on to say that Maine snatched 905 kids last year which is about 11 less than 2014, which I consider a significant improvement considering the leadership which has been directly responsible for an increase in state sponsored child snatching over previous years by cutting services available to families involved with the child welfare system that helped kids stay safe in the home.  
They're still blaming drug abuse as the main culprit leading to neglect but are still continuing their assaults on the poor by trying to cut Medicaid, making treatment difficult to obtain for some.  God forbid it could have anything to do with their policies.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Spurwink Will Now Be Selling Babies Apparently

So according to a letter to the editor in the Piscataquis Observer, Spurwink Services apparently got the contract for A Family For Me, which is Maine's adoption from foster care program, and they are currently recruiting more foster care providers.   And apparently there is an "urgent need," for suckers foster parents in Maine right now.  And if you want to become a foster care provider then you can call Spurwink and they'll hook you up or if you want somebody elses kid of your very own to keep forever, you can call them for that to.
Spurwink Services was awarded the A Family for ME contract by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). This contract will allow Spurwink to relaunch A Family for ME, a statewide recruitment campaign to identify families interested in becoming foster and adoptive parents for children in custody of the Department. 
More >> Urgent need in Maine for foster care
I'm sorry but I see a conflict of interest here.  This same company also runs Maine's child abuse program which is run by Dr. Lawrence Ricci, who is arguably DHHS's favorite go to person when they need a medical diagnosis of child abuse.  This should be a real motivator for him to help DHHS get more kids into the system.  It's good for the company.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Duct Tape Sally and the Maine Child Welfare Reform Turnaround

So yesterday it came out that Sally Schofield, the former DHS (DHHS now) Child Protective Social Worker who murdered a five year old foster child named Logan Marr back in 2001 by Duct Taping her to a high chair with 42 feet of tape, has been released from the Windham Correctional Facility after serving 14 years of a 17 year sentence.
Logan Marr
Logan Marr

Now if that isn't bad enough, the news articles that are coming out are also bringing mention in little blurbs to the wonderful changes to Maine's child welfare system that the case led to under the Governor John Baldacci administration (2003 to 2011).

The case resulted in an overhaul of the state's child welfare system, putting an emphasis on keeping children with relatives rather than in foster care. 
More >> Woman convicted of killing 5-year-old foster child released

While it is true that the case led to major reforms to Maine's child welfare system,  which the state bragged about heavily in January of 2011 during the 10 year anniversary celebrations of Logan Marr's death...
Former Gov. Baldacci was among those who repaired a child protective system that was not safeguarding children. 
More >> Maine Voices: Decade of change in protecting children
they forget to point out the fact that our current governor has a totally turned it back around due to his very different philosophy regarding the protection of children from child abuse and keeping them safe in their homes.  He states this in an article back in May of 2012 in response to another high profile child abuse case.
LePage told a television station Wednesday that he supports the death penalty “for those that kill babies” and feels DHHS has “gone from one extreme to another” when it decides whether to remove a child from a home in which abuse is suspected. 
The department has been criticized in the past for being too quick to remove a child, LePage said, but now, “sometimes we’re putting them back too quickly and sometimes we’re not taking them out fast enough.” 
LePage, a victim of abuse as a child, supports a “system that protects our children,” Bennett said. 
More >> DHHS won’t release information on dead baby
The LePage Administration was able to use the above case as a springboard to launch major policy change at DHHS.

Since then, Governor LePage and Commissoner Mayhew have also worked hard to cut funding to programs that help kept kids safe in their homes under the guise of Welfare Reform as well as necessary services that helped the families to turn it around, as discussed in a 2013 opinion article from the director of one of the agencies that got cut...
The increase in foster care funding seems to suggest that the governor is looking to circumvent established practice and send children who could be successfully reunited with their families off to foster-care before attempting to reunify a family through treatment and support. Our children deserve better. Clearly the reduction in PNMI funding indicates that access to family reunification services will be much harder to come by. If this is not a shift in policy on a state level it is hard to envision otherwise. Our families deserve better. 
More >> LePage budget should provide more funding to reunify families, not keep kids in foster care
Which of course resulted in the state desperately needing to hire more foster care providers as is discussed in this article from exactly one year ago today.
Maine Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew and local foster parents gathered Thursday at Adoptive and Foster Families of Maine on Main Street to encourage more families to open their homes to children in need. 
More >> State calls for more foster homes to meet growing need
Needless to say the state turned it back around.  So please don't be fooled by the blurbs.  But do feel free to discuss it with the Legislature... 

Public Hearings on Child Protective Issues
May 2nd – 1 pm in the Judiciary Room in State House Room 438 you want to testify on one, two or all three bills, you may indicate this in your testimony.…LD 472 An Act Regarding Parental Rights…LD 1187 An Act to Amend the Child Protective Service Statutes…LD 1304 An Act to Specify the Rights of Parents

Anyway, Sally Schofield is a free women, Logan Marr is still dead, Maine's Child Welfare System is still a mess, and I still believe that if this murderer didn't work for the state, she would have gotten life. 

But they do take care of their own you know.