Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Notice of Opportunity to Comment - Proposed Amendment Rules for Guardians ad litem

Thanks to our friends at Maine GAL Alert for keeping on top of this issue.  And if you've ever been through a divorce or a child custody battle, I strongly suggest you put in your two cents.

Notice of Opportunity to Comment - Proposed Amendment Rules for Guardians ad litem

Monday, November 25, 2013

Police: Missing Saco teen under DHHS guardianship - which explains a lot

Elaina Dorsey
Elaina Dorsey
The news people are buzzing about a missing girl from Saco

Saco police looking for missing girl

Supposedly she had taken off with an some perv whose into teenagers or something.  We should all be supportive of what her family is going through... right?  We need to protect this helpless child, right?


A couple days after the story broke, Channel 8 drops a bomb shell.
"She is in DHHS custody and had been staying at Sweetser Children's Services in Saco."  ( Click here >> Police: Missing Saco teen under DHHS guardianship )
Which not only makes her more vulnerable than a normal child, but  probably means that she was living in a therapeutic group home where they were keeping her drugged up on psych meds in order to keep her quiet while they run her family through the ringer for not being able to handle her, and controlling her every move, probably going as far as having staff sitting outside the bathroom while she did her thing.   

Michael Bowman
What, you thought this would be a trip to Disneyland?  You don't think they treat kids like that in Maine?  Think again.  I once knew a kid who was living in a Spurwink run group home up north, and they had him on 7 different pills a day.  (it was in his best interest to be walking around like a zombie, doncha know.)  The kid never had a moment without somebody hovering over him, "don't do that!  Let it go.  Be nice.  Bed time 8 PM on the dot.  Here take this..."  He probably would have run away too had they not had him so drugged up that he probably couldn't think up the concept of taking off.

This explains a lot, actually.  For example, why would she run away?  Why wouldn't she tell her caseworker where she is, it's not like the caseworker can force her to go back or anything?  Last I knew, that's why we have kids running around Monument Square in Portland every day.  Why isn't she running back to safety of DHHS?  Why would she rather stay with some 35 year old dude, is that her dad or something?  Could it be somebody who gave her the attention that she so desperately craves and lacks?  Was she, perhaps, just fed up with living in the system?      

I'll tell you why, because DHHS and their caseworkers suck, and a lot of the group homes that they contract out these kids to are no better than sitting in the Maine Youth Center.  It's like emotional torture and spirit breaking 101 for teenagers.  They come out of it all messed up.  So messed up in fact that they would rather end up trading sex for a place to stay just for that little sense of freedom, than live under the strictest of therapeutic conditions.
I really feel bad for this kid.  She isn't going to be much better off either way.

Teen missing from Saco located in Portland

Maine Kid News Headlines For Week Of November 24th Through 30th

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School (administrative)
Family Law

Planned Parenthood Protests

Thursday, November 21, 2013

2013 Maine KIDS COUNT Data Book

Below is the link to the Maine Kid's Count Data Book from the Maine Children's Alliance, in PDF format.
Of course the big thing that the news media is going off on is the number of Maine Kids who are living in poverty in the state.
This should be of concern to anyone.  No matter what you believe about the parents, whether they should just get a job or increase welfare to the poor, we gotta take care of the kids.  A lot of it has to do with the recession, and I'm sure that some of it has to do with the fact that jobs in certain categories don't pay squat. Not the point.  Kids living in poverty brings about more and much more expensive problems later on down the line as the following article from the Propaganda Press Herald explains.  
Maine Children’s Alliance report: More Maine kids living in poverty
Nearly one in four children under age 5 are living in poverty, and for the first time in 11 years, the number of children in state custody has increased.
Although the two issues, the number of kids living in poverty and the number of kids living in state custody might be related to a point, there are other reasons that we will get into in another post..

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Student resource officer vs Parent

This video is from Tennessee.  It shows a father who disagrees with a new and arguably dangerous school policy getting arrested by a really dumb and now famous cop.  Fortunately we haven't seen anything like this in Maine yet, but they have a better way of dealing with these kinds of confrontations anyway.

In Maine, they would simply report you to child protective services for questioning their wisdom or disagreeing with their policies.


Monday, November 18, 2013

"Reuniting families, regaining trust through foster care" - my ***

The following is a total sales pitch and a public relations recruiting campaign for a Therapeutic Foster Care Program for at risk teenagers in Maine, brought to you by WCSH Channel 6.  On the surface, it shows how these wonderful people are coming together and opening their homes to help those in need.   While I am all for helping kids, there is also a dark side to this that I feel needs to be brought to light.  In fact, I am absolutely appalled at what they're not telling you, and if you normal people weren't so easily sold on the heart warming, emotional "helping children" BS in it's presented form, you'd see it for yourself.

Opportunity Alliance, the agency mentioned in the article and video, is actually a private agency that provides Targeted Case Management (TCM) Services for which they can bill Medicaid and government grant programs.  In this particular case they can bill SS Title IV, which is a Social Security Program that deals with administrative foster care costs.  The agency actually works with special needs or high risk kids in and out of foster care so there are many opportunities for them to bill the state government for those services which they provide, and which they contract out to shrinks, transportation providers, foster parents or whatever is needed on a case by case basis.  In other words, they make their money off of Special Needs Kids and the tax payer which can be very profitable actually.  Also, this is why the schools are so quick to identify, label and target poor kids for special education, outpatient services, medication management for ADHD, depression or behavioral disorders, etc.  Once those labels are applied in consideration the parents financial status, the kids will then qualify for TCM.  If however the parents do not qualify for Medicaid (Mainecare) then they will often not qualify for TCM through agencies like this.
Not only is this particular kind of foster care is worth big bucks but opens the doors for Child Welfare Fraud as successful outcomes for foster kids often end access the state and federal money streams. They will protect their meal tickets by dragging everything out for as long as they possibly can.  These programs will fail too many kids, who will then stay in the system only to try again later and bill the same programs over again.
Administrators often receive nice outrageous six figure salaries while working for agencies like this.  The people who are going through programs like this will ultimately become some of the highest paid foster parents in Maine. Lots and lots of services will be provided.  They will all become a part of the team to give a troubled child his one chance to get his or her life together.  
This screenshot was snatched at 56 seconds
 on the following promotional video from
Opportunity Alliances YouTube Channel.
Of course, in light of the closing of Casey Family Services, Maine is also an opportunity state for System Sucks like this as the state must scramble to find other service providers. So here is one that is lining right up to fill that void.  
"Reuniting families, regaining trust through foster care" - my ass.  These people are all about the money.

Maine Kid News Headlines for week of November 17th through 23rd

Here are the weeks headlines for November 17th through the 23rd.  Check back as this post will be updated throughout the week.  Posting a link here does not mean I agree or disagree with what is said.

Child Welfare
School Administrative
Portland's Planned Parenthood Protesters 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Attn World: The Bangor Daily News Censored My Appropriate Comment!

I had left a comment on this article, which is really nothing but pro-CPS BS.  The editors censored it because it was truthful.  The modern day media wants to paint a picture that is inaccurate.

My comment was totally appropriate, btw.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sugar Coating CPS

Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.

LePage puts spotlight on drug-affected babies

In his weekly radio address this week, Governor LePage took issue with babies being born under the influence of dangerous drugs.  I uploaded it here...

This was followed by a piece on the Bangor Daily News blogs called:
Which contained a link to an earlier piece from the same journalist: 
I'm sure we can all agree with Governor LePage that children born to drug addicts in Maine is a horrible trend that needs to be dealt with.  I do hope and pray that the problem would be eradicated, although I'm sure that's not a realistic hope in this day and age.  I'm also not so sure I would agree with the governors 'mountain out of mole hill making' brand of solutions which will probably end up with ALL pregnant mothers undergoing forced drug testing, perhaps with or without their knowledge or consent, and which almost became a dangerous federal law a few years back.
The problem with drug testing is that there are many cases where false positives can be triggered, which will result in DHHS snatching all kinds of newborns from unsuspecting and innocent parents such as this case from Pennsylvania demonstrates:
Add that to the sheep mentality which is alive and prevalent in Maine where people would think, "If you don't have anything to hide then you don't have anything to worry about," to which I would have to call BS.

Also, lets not forget that Governor LePage cut funding to drug treatment programs in the state.  He felt it was too expensive.
This, of course only adds fire to the problem.

Also, Mary Mayhew, Maine's DHHS Commissioner has been asking the legislature for more money to cover the unexpected increase in the number of foster kids in Maine, which they're blaming on the Bath Salts epidemic...
while at the same time cutting funding for the treatment programs that would help to put a stop to these problems for many families by helping them to overcome these addictions, and which have proven to be successful in Maine.
So I personally find it rather comical that LePage takes issue with a problem that he doesn't want to help deal with.  However, I am all for helping babies.  They will certainly be in my prayers tonight.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Dark Intentions of Public Schooling

This video quotes major experts, sources, and observers of the American educational system. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

21 Shameful Ways We Are Forcing Children To Be Sissies

This particular article speaks volumes and should be seen and considered as a warning for any parent in Maine as this is just as much of the way things are going here as they are in the rest of the country.  I have dealt with a number of similar issues when dealing with the schools, and could probably add in a few more such as having the schools recommend Ritalin for a kid who can't sit still in Kindergarten or reporting a parent to Child Protective Services because the kid came to school with a scrape on the knee.

Anyway, here's the link...

Enjoy and wake up.

Maine Kid News Headlines For Week Of November 10th through 16th

Check back as this page will be updated throughout the week.  Posting links to news does not mean I agree or disagree with anything.

Child Welfare

Friday, November 8, 2013

One of the reasons I decided to start this blog is because I feel that the parents of Maine have somehow lost their voice.

Most don't even realize it.  Others certainly do when they're being undermined at every step of the way by the various bureaucracies that the state has to offer.  In fact, parental rights has become a thing of the past especially for parents with special needs kids, some parents who have been through a divorce or parents who have ever had DHHS's infamous Child Protective Services crawling up their butts (just to name a few).

For some parents, the job comes easier than it does for others.   Some were more prepared financially, spiritually, had strong relationships and support systems when their families started.  Others were not at all ready, but do the best they can.  And yes, some aren't fit to be parents at all.

Some kids have special needs, behavioral issues, health problems that could put them in the poor house, etc. I am fortunate enough to have to parent a child like that, I guess, and for that I will now blog about my experiences.  What really gets on my nerves though is when other people judge you because of the difficulties you are having with your special needs kid.

If you want to see what I'm talking about, read some of the comments on the following article from the Bangor Daily News.

Maine students with disabilities more likely to be suspended; nonadversarial solutions needed, experts say

The article itself has to do with an expert doing a talk on how the schools are handling special needs children who disrupt the classroom.  Although I certainly do have an opinion on this issue, I will get into that at a later date.  Today I would simply like to talk about the perception that other people have in regards to kids with special needs.  For example, ThurstonHowell suggests blaming the parents... (fyi this guy is of course hiding behind a screen name, and is not in fact Thruston Howell III)

Blame the parents.  That is the general consensus of the perfect people.  It's all your fault.  Why?  Perhaps you abused your kid...

TuxKatz1 also goes on to claim that he/she/it was a foster parent.  So we know that after listening to the nice social workers for so long, child abuse will be the only possibility.  So again, the parents are to blame.

In some cases this may be the case.  Plenty of normal kids are allowed to run the streets causing all kinds of trouble.

Of course in my case, my daughter was born that way.  That was due to complications that my wife had when she was pregnant and which has made the job of parenting extremely difficult for us.  It's difficult when she gets upset in a big block store like Walmart.  It's difficult when I have to deal with school social workers on a daily basis.  The only reasonable cause of this is that it's entirely our fault.  We're bad parents regardless of how hard we have to fight so that she can have the best chance possible at life.

No worries though, my daughter does not go to the same school as your perfect kids.  Nor would I want her too.  She's doing well where she is, but at a much higher price for the school system and as far as I'm concerned, she's worth every penny.

Get a freekin life people!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Maine Kid News Headlines for Week November 3rd - 9th 2013

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School Board Elections

Family Law
Tragic Accident

Friday, November 1, 2013

Maine Kid Headlines for November 1st 2013

More proof that Maine's education system isn't making the grade...
I hope this little one is doing okay.
It's about to get harder for poor Mainer's to feed their kids...

Or keep a roof over their heads...
I hope you had a good Halloween, I know some Lewiston kids did...
If you're going through a divorce, you might want to see what this guy has to say...

Response to Bill Nemitz: Risk of tragic outcome followed Collins-Faunce

I figured it would only be a matter of time before Bill Nemitz, the columnist from the Portland Press Herald, weighed in on this verdict.   He has taken a special interest in this case which dates all the way back apparently to 1998 when he interviewed the family following the adoption of Gordon Collins-Faunce and his sisters.  

Nemitz: Risk of tragic outcome followed Collins-Faunce

Nemitz wrote another column last year on the case as well which can be found here... Bill Nemitz: Adoptive father finds no sense, only pain

This case is tragic in every way imaginable.  I do not condone what Collins-Faunce did in any way, shape or form.  I can only hope that he gets the help he needs while in prison so that he can come out and not be a danger to any other child.

I do, however, feel that it is important to point out a couple of things that you, the parents of Maine, need to know.

For example in his column, he writes...
“Standing back, we can all say, ‘Boy, that was an intervention point … and that was an intervention point,’ ” Marchese said. “And it’s most unfortunate that no one ever stepped in to save this child.” 
“Most unfortunate” doesn’t begin to describe it.
Which of course suggests that DHHS passed up on several opportunities to save Ethan Henderson's life. While this very well might be true, I feel it is inappropriate to come down too hard on CPS as that will only have a negative effect on future cases where the parents are falsely accused or innocent or where the accusation is frivolous or minor.  For example, imagine social workers getting that call, removing your child and asking questions later.  While some might be opposed to this practice, the end result will be a lot of traumatized children.

Further on down in the article, Therese Cahill-Low, the director of the Office of Children and Families weighs in, trying to shift blame away from DHHS.
That led to a two-hour home visit on May 2 by a DHHS caseworker. After examining Ethan and interviewing the parents, the worker found no immediate cause to remove the children from the home. 
“The environment was acceptable. The parents were very engaging and cooperative. The children were not in immediate danger. And all of those things have to be looked at if we are to act immediately,” said Therese Cahill-Low, director of the DHHS’ Office of Child and Family Services, in an interview Thursday. 
More investigation was indeed warranted, said Cahill-Low, notably the then-unsubstantiated report from the day care center that Ethan had suffered a broken arm. Six days later, however, well within DHHS’ 35-day deadline for running down that allegation, Ethan was dead. 
“It’s hard, from our perspective, to intervene when we don’t know something has happened,” Cahill-Low said. “This was a huge tragedy and I do believe that there were times that others could have intervened.”
In all honesty, I don't think very highly of Therese Cahill-Low, but I do gotta give her credit in explaining how difficult the job of a CPS Agent can be.  Especially since they haven't quite developed a working crystal ball that can accurately predict the outcome of certain events.

Never the less, Gordon Collins-Faunce has a long hard road ahead of him with little sympathy as Carole Ireland from Portland states...

Which is entirely possible considering Maine's track record for caring for prisoners.