Wednesday, November 13, 2013

LePage puts spotlight on drug-affected babies

In his weekly radio address this week, Governor LePage took issue with babies being born under the influence of dangerous drugs.  I uploaded it here...

This was followed by a piece on the Bangor Daily News blogs called:
Which contained a link to an earlier piece from the same journalist: 
I'm sure we can all agree with Governor LePage that children born to drug addicts in Maine is a horrible trend that needs to be dealt with.  I do hope and pray that the problem would be eradicated, although I'm sure that's not a realistic hope in this day and age.  I'm also not so sure I would agree with the governors 'mountain out of mole hill making' brand of solutions which will probably end up with ALL pregnant mothers undergoing forced drug testing, perhaps with or without their knowledge or consent, and which almost became a dangerous federal law a few years back.
The problem with drug testing is that there are many cases where false positives can be triggered, which will result in DHHS snatching all kinds of newborns from unsuspecting and innocent parents such as this case from Pennsylvania demonstrates:
Add that to the sheep mentality which is alive and prevalent in Maine where people would think, "If you don't have anything to hide then you don't have anything to worry about," to which I would have to call BS.

Also, lets not forget that Governor LePage cut funding to drug treatment programs in the state.  He felt it was too expensive.
This, of course only adds fire to the problem.

Also, Mary Mayhew, Maine's DHHS Commissioner has been asking the legislature for more money to cover the unexpected increase in the number of foster kids in Maine, which they're blaming on the Bath Salts epidemic...
while at the same time cutting funding for the treatment programs that would help to put a stop to these problems for many families by helping them to overcome these addictions, and which have proven to be successful in Maine.
So I personally find it rather comical that LePage takes issue with a problem that he doesn't want to help deal with.  However, I am all for helping babies.  They will certainly be in my prayers tonight.

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