Monday, November 25, 2013

Police: Missing Saco teen under DHHS guardianship - which explains a lot

Elaina Dorsey
Elaina Dorsey
The news people are buzzing about a missing girl from Saco

Saco police looking for missing girl

Supposedly she had taken off with an some perv whose into teenagers or something.  We should all be supportive of what her family is going through... right?  We need to protect this helpless child, right?


A couple days after the story broke, Channel 8 drops a bomb shell.
"She is in DHHS custody and had been staying at Sweetser Children's Services in Saco."  ( Click here >> Police: Missing Saco teen under DHHS guardianship )
Which not only makes her more vulnerable than a normal child, but  probably means that she was living in a therapeutic group home where they were keeping her drugged up on psych meds in order to keep her quiet while they run her family through the ringer for not being able to handle her, and controlling her every move, probably going as far as having staff sitting outside the bathroom while she did her thing.   

Michael Bowman
What, you thought this would be a trip to Disneyland?  You don't think they treat kids like that in Maine?  Think again.  I once knew a kid who was living in a Spurwink run group home up north, and they had him on 7 different pills a day.  (it was in his best interest to be walking around like a zombie, doncha know.)  The kid never had a moment without somebody hovering over him, "don't do that!  Let it go.  Be nice.  Bed time 8 PM on the dot.  Here take this..."  He probably would have run away too had they not had him so drugged up that he probably couldn't think up the concept of taking off.

This explains a lot, actually.  For example, why would she run away?  Why wouldn't she tell her caseworker where she is, it's not like the caseworker can force her to go back or anything?  Last I knew, that's why we have kids running around Monument Square in Portland every day.  Why isn't she running back to safety of DHHS?  Why would she rather stay with some 35 year old dude, is that her dad or something?  Could it be somebody who gave her the attention that she so desperately craves and lacks?  Was she, perhaps, just fed up with living in the system?      

I'll tell you why, because DHHS and their caseworkers suck, and a lot of the group homes that they contract out these kids to are no better than sitting in the Maine Youth Center.  It's like emotional torture and spirit breaking 101 for teenagers.  They come out of it all messed up.  So messed up in fact that they would rather end up trading sex for a place to stay just for that little sense of freedom, than live under the strictest of therapeutic conditions.
I really feel bad for this kid.  She isn't going to be much better off either way.

Teen missing from Saco located in Portland

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