Monday, November 18, 2013

"Reuniting families, regaining trust through foster care" - my ***

The following is a total sales pitch and a public relations recruiting campaign for a Therapeutic Foster Care Program for at risk teenagers in Maine, brought to you by WCSH Channel 6.  On the surface, it shows how these wonderful people are coming together and opening their homes to help those in need.   While I am all for helping kids, there is also a dark side to this that I feel needs to be brought to light.  In fact, I am absolutely appalled at what they're not telling you, and if you normal people weren't so easily sold on the heart warming, emotional "helping children" BS in it's presented form, you'd see it for yourself.

Opportunity Alliance, the agency mentioned in the article and video, is actually a private agency that provides Targeted Case Management (TCM) Services for which they can bill Medicaid and government grant programs.  In this particular case they can bill SS Title IV, which is a Social Security Program that deals with administrative foster care costs.  The agency actually works with special needs or high risk kids in and out of foster care so there are many opportunities for them to bill the state government for those services which they provide, and which they contract out to shrinks, transportation providers, foster parents or whatever is needed on a case by case basis.  In other words, they make their money off of Special Needs Kids and the tax payer which can be very profitable actually.  Also, this is why the schools are so quick to identify, label and target poor kids for special education, outpatient services, medication management for ADHD, depression or behavioral disorders, etc.  Once those labels are applied in consideration the parents financial status, the kids will then qualify for TCM.  If however the parents do not qualify for Medicaid (Mainecare) then they will often not qualify for TCM through agencies like this.
Not only is this particular kind of foster care is worth big bucks but opens the doors for Child Welfare Fraud as successful outcomes for foster kids often end access the state and federal money streams. They will protect their meal tickets by dragging everything out for as long as they possibly can.  These programs will fail too many kids, who will then stay in the system only to try again later and bill the same programs over again.
Administrators often receive nice outrageous six figure salaries while working for agencies like this.  The people who are going through programs like this will ultimately become some of the highest paid foster parents in Maine. Lots and lots of services will be provided.  They will all become a part of the team to give a troubled child his one chance to get his or her life together.  
This screenshot was snatched at 56 seconds
 on the following promotional video from
Opportunity Alliances YouTube Channel.
Of course, in light of the closing of Casey Family Services, Maine is also an opportunity state for System Sucks like this as the state must scramble to find other service providers. So here is one that is lining right up to fill that void.  
"Reuniting families, regaining trust through foster care" - my ass.  These people are all about the money.

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  1. What is not mentioned in this post is something the states do not know how to handle and that is the youth who are now coming to the age of leaves, many states have reduced the number of children coming into care by providing services and not using the condition of poverty as a form of abuse. But what about those kids who were raised in foster care who have mental health conditions. These are the kids who experience 20 or more different placements because the foster parents were never told or trained to deal with a population that many go to university and get degrees.

    These kids have learned survival skills while in placement. These kids already know what is out there for them on the streets and have a subculture, training to survive. Yes, there is hypersexuality, drugs, theft and violence but this is what the pretty videos and heart warming stories do not tell you.

    Foster parents who daringly take in an older youth will not be told of the psychiatric history of the child let alone be given the medications or even the medical and educational history.