Monday, April 14, 2014

Kids suffer when their parents lose their health insurance. Maine knows this firsthand

We all know by now that Medicaid expansion in Maine has failed.  That means that about 70,000 people in Maine will have to go without federally funded health care which the poor in other states are enjoying.

Well don't blame me because I didn't vote for LePage.

Glenburn family upset after 13-year-old girl, older sister turned away from father-daughter dance

Controversy erupted in Glenburn after a 13-year-old girl and her older sister were turned away from the “Butterfly Kisses” father-daughter dance on Friday night.

The squabble has both sides questioning whether the concept of the father-daughter or mother-son dance is exclusionary and outdated in a time when fewer and fewer families have a structure considered “traditional.”

Outdated or not, there's nothing wrong with it.  

Auburn school, same-sex parents at odds over essay

Sixth-grader’s essay topic about her mothers not picked for group assignment

I have to stick up for the school on this one.  Nothing against LGBT's but give it a break.  We don't need to have your lifestyle shoved down our kids throats at school.
A child at a New Sharon home potentially saved two adults’ lives after a presumed heroin overdose by calling a relative who then dialed 911, according to the Maine State Police.

Ayla Reynolds Final Vigil

The mother of missing Waterville toddler Ayla Reynolds closed a chapter in the story of her daughter's disappearance.

Police and advocates call for end to child abuse

April is known as National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Police and advocates call for end to child abuse 
Police and victims’ advocates explain the costs of child abuse and neglect during a Tuesday gathering at the State House to mark the beginning of Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Bangor man charged with felony assault of 1-year-old

A local man is in Penobscot County Jail waiting to be arraigned on charges that he assaulted a 1-year-old child, Bangor police said Tuesday.

Farmington parents charged with child endangerment

Parents of a young boy face child endangerment charges after several people reported a child under age 5 running down Route 4 on Thursday afternoon.

Man accused of tattooing teens

Berwick police have arrested a man who is accused of tattooing teens and possessing heroin and firearms.

Bath man charged with threatening boys at elementary school, says he was defending son

A 34-year-old man was arrested Wednesday after police say he threatened a group of 10-year-old boys at a local elementary school.

Father accused of abusing, using shock collar on children

James Kuhn
This is apparently another one of those juicy stories that news reporters love to sink their teeth into.
Some people just shouldn't be parents.

April School News - Maine high school graduation rate increased for fourth straight year in 2013

Finally some good news to share...

Being a drop out gets you nowhere in this day and age.  Unless you're good at kissing ass of course.

School Lunch

So what else is going on with our schools this month?  Keep checking back as I'll be updating this post throughout April.
School's Closing
School Construction Projects

Mainers to join in cloth-diaper-changing world record attempt

Pampers are so much easier to deal with.

To each her own I guess.

Driving Like An Idiot With The Kids In The Car

24-year-old Cheryl Gibson, a mother from Cornish was arrested this past week for driving either 123, 124 or 127 MPH on the Maine Turnpike in Saco depending on what news report you buy into.  I'm not sure which one of these is accurate, but that doesn't matter because according to the police, these kids could have been killed.

So who is claiming what speed?  Let's see.

I doubt that the discrepancy between the news reports will help her in court or in her upcoming child abuse investigation by Maine's Child Protective Services who will always pick the bigger number to make things appear worse.  

April Pedo's - Guys who should be beaten while in jail.

Thank Goodness we have Governor Paul LePage looking out for the safety and welfare of our children and keeping us and our children safe from all of these sick and filthy pedophiles out there.

former Maine State Police chief Andrew Demers
Maine's jails are apparently filling up with these scum bags, many of whom come from respectable positions in society.  For example, former Maine State Police chief Andrew Demers is now facing a charge of gross sexual conduct.

Of course the news media around here loves a good juicy story like this.  It's how they get the stupid people to buy a newspaper.  After all, the normal among us is simply not interested in reading about politics or why our taxes keep going up.  It's just not as important as the blood and guts child abuse stories that keep popping up.  

Michael GagnonI also think that the news media people get off on making you all paranoid.  If they had their way you'd be thinking that there are pedophiles everywhere.  And they are everywhere. 

Anyway it's important to expose these scum bags because they do often take positions where they have easy access to children.  The infamous story of a teacher or a coach getting busted for having sex with a student, for example, often pops up...  
My heart goes out to the victims, and for the pedo's... I hope they like their new jail cells.  Here are the one's you'll be reading about in April.  I will update this post throughout the month.  
Don't let these guys near your kids.  

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

LePage pushes awareness, prevention of child abuse in Maine

This is kind of an oxymoron if you ask me.
Yet he cuts off services to parents that help keep kids safe in the home...
The most cost effective way to keep kids safe is to provide services to the families while they are still in the home.  It's also best for the kids.
but he is against that because it requires tax money to be spent on various "welfare programs."
He would much rather spend an additional $4.2 million to keep kids in foster care, while blaming it on a drug abuse epidemic, when really the reason that most kids are removed is because the parents are poor.

  • Mercenary motherhood (Article by Mary Callahan who led Maine's child welfare reform efforts under Gov. Baldacci, published in the Los Angeles Times)

This is not saying that there are not cases where children need to be removed from their homes, as there are, but that should be an absolute last resort.  Foster care damages the kids.  They come out of it all messed up.

He said he and his wife adopted Collins-Faunce in 1997, after the boy had been in six foster homes over the course of five years. Collins-Faunce is now 23. 
Police say in court papers that Collins-Faunce was physically and sexually abused while in foster care, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and has been taking medication for it.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Maine judge mulls whether 12-year-old should be tried for manslaughter

This is a really sad case.  A kid who is now 12 years old being poked and prodded to see whether or not she is competent to stand trial for a crime that she committed during a time when she would not have been competent to stand trial.

Not to mention the kid was drugged through the teeth on ADHD meds at the time of the crime.  No this does not justify the death it simply proves that she couldn't possibly have been in her right mind at the time of the crime.  I'll just bet that had she not been reminded of this tragic event over and over and over again she would probably have little recollection of it.  But through the miracles of therapeutic intervention it's probably as fresh in her mind today as it was during the time of the death.

Here are some of the earlier links to this ongoing drama story.  

Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Report Finds When Parents Were Cut from MaineCare, Kids Lost Coverage Too

I know, I know, all you Republicrats out there formulate your opinions based on how far your heads are up your asses.  You either think we need to help everybody or cut them off all together.  But not one of you realizes how quickly a parent can be thrown into bankruptcy if your kid is unlucky enough to get sick.  

Friday, March 28, 2014

Parents say teacher forced son, 6, to clean up urine

I am absolutely disgusted with this story out of Scarborough.

That is totally sick and that teacher should be fired as well as have her mug shot all over the news.  However, if they're anything like Portland, they'll cover the teachers ass all the way.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Isolated Cases or Systematic Failures?

So one of our Gubernatorial candidates decides to take on DHHS.   This is a good thing, I suppose, as the fraud, waste, cover-ups, shredded papers, mismanagement, what have you, is certainly worthy of concern to the people of Maine.
What I find even more concerning is the fact that this same agency with a department that takes children from their parents seems to be protected from much of this scrutiny. The people who work for said department never seem to come into the same spotlight in these articles that supposedly refer to DHHS as a whole.

Oh sure, every now and then we see one of their failures come to light...
The difference is that not since the death of Logan Marr in a foster home in Chelsea has this department gotten the light shined on their systematic failures. Instead, they begin to look like isolated cases rather than systematic failures, and that's just what they want you to think.  

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

“Fact and fiction about Maine’s drug affected babies,” Alison Mitchell, University of Maine

It's nice to talk truth vs the Mountain out of Mole Hill Making Method of filling people's heads with what we generally refer to as "bullshit".

“Fact and fiction about Maine’s drug affected babies,” Alison Mitchell, University of Maine

It's refreshing...  It's rejuvenating...  It certainly doesn't make the situation right as we don't want drug addicted babies and society should certainly take a stand against it.  But we also don't need to constantly be making the situation appear worse than it actually is.

I really think that the reason our politicians go to the extremes when talking about issues such as drug addicted babies, is because that's how they get the people to support the necessary funding for whatever program they're trying to implement at any given time.

Of course, I could be wrong and they could very well be stupid enough to believe it.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Prentice Powell Performs 'Good Father'

Prentice Powell makes his third appearance on Arsenio's show with an extremely powerful and emotional performance of "Good Father." Powell didn't leave a dry eye in the place.

Maine Kid News for March 2014

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Safety consultants say Maine schools need to improve security, lock doors

We all want our kids to be safe.  It's really sad that we live in a world where we have to worry about our kids when they go to school, but we do.  However, the chances that your kids will get shot up in a Columbine or Sandy Hook style massacre is still very low.
I guess the solution is to turn our schools into prisons.  

Sadly, suggestions like this tend to be knee jerk reactions to paranoia cases watching too much TV.

And our police are training for these kinds of emergencies anyway.  Sadly, too many expect it.
The facts:
From 2000-2012, 728 people were shot and 352 were killed. That is roughly 61 people shot and 30 deaths per year. There are near 50 Million K-12 students in public schools and near 18 million in college for a total of 68 Million. The chances of someone getting shot in school is 1-in-1,120,880. The chances of dying in a school shooting is 1-in-2,266,666. The chances of dying in a automobile crash is 1-in-100. In a plane crash is 1-in-20,000. By lightning strike is 1-in-83,000. It's quite ridiculous when you look at the statistics.


(Thanks to Bangor Guy for this, whoever you are. as this is copied and pasted from your comment.)

Ex-DHHS inspectors say Maine managers ignored child abuse

There must not have been any money in it for them.
That's why they "protect" kids you know.  Once they get them, the federal money starts rolling in.

Here is the latest update on this story.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Error by DHHS misled applicants for day care benefit

Now this is really worthy of it's own post.  It shows, very clearly actually, how DHHS likes to screw parents.

From more angles than one apparently.

It's really sad though.  Some people really are trying to do the right thing for their families.  Some people just like to make things difficult.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Maine bill would ban replica guns in schools

When I was a kid, me and my friends used to play Cops and Robbers or Cowboys and Indians or Space Invaders or something like that.  We used to have sword fights with sticks and play with cap guns.  Now a days, such games are frowned upon because some psycho-babbling 'goody goody' came up with the idea that such games promote violence and aggression.


There is definitely an element of hysterical paranoia among some people in Maine.  It probably stems from watching too much TV.  You know, a group of child worshiping mom's who do play dates and makes the kid wear bike helmets so he doesn't bump his head and get a brain injury, saw one too many reports on the Sandy Hook Massacre on TV, then spends the rest of their lives being afraid of their own shadows.
Update: I started this post yesterday when the story first hit.  Since then, the media has taken off with it.

Some agree with it.
"But supporters say it would prevent confusion among police who see a student carrying what appears to be a weapon."
Others do not.
"Maine police officers said on Monday that bill that would ban the possession of BB guns and non-firing replica firearms in schools say the measure is too broad and wouldn't improve school safety."
You could go onto Channel 13's Facebook post and see how their fans are taking this.

There are plenty of comments to read.  Everybody's got an opinion.

I personally think that you all gotta stop falling for all of this fear mongering.  It's not healthy.  It's not good for your rights as parents.  It's not good for the rights of your children who then must thrive in light of Zero Tolerance policies, which will get them booted out of school and in many cases, a police record just for being a kid.

On top of that, bills like this won't do a damn thing to make your kids any safer.

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