Monday, March 31, 2014

Maine judge mulls whether 12-year-old should be tried for manslaughter

This is a really sad case.  A kid who is now 12 years old being poked and prodded to see whether or not she is competent to stand trial for a crime that she committed during a time when she would not have been competent to stand trial.

Not to mention the kid was drugged through the teeth on ADHD meds at the time of the crime.  No this does not justify the death it simply proves that she couldn't possibly have been in her right mind at the time of the crime.  I'll just bet that had she not been reminded of this tragic event over and over and over again she would probably have little recollection of it.  But through the miracles of therapeutic intervention it's probably as fresh in her mind today as it was during the time of the death.

Here are some of the earlier links to this ongoing drama story.  

Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Report Finds When Parents Were Cut from MaineCare, Kids Lost Coverage Too

I know, I know, all you Republicrats out there formulate your opinions based on how far your heads are up your asses.  You either think we need to help everybody or cut them off all together.  But not one of you realizes how quickly a parent can be thrown into bankruptcy if your kid is unlucky enough to get sick.  

Friday, March 28, 2014

Parents say teacher forced son, 6, to clean up urine

I am absolutely disgusted with this story out of Scarborough.

That is totally sick and that teacher should be fired as well as have her mug shot all over the news.  However, if they're anything like Portland, they'll cover the teachers ass all the way.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Isolated Cases or Systematic Failures?

So one of our Gubernatorial candidates decides to take on DHHS.   This is a good thing, I suppose, as the fraud, waste, cover-ups, shredded papers, mismanagement, what have you, is certainly worthy of concern to the people of Maine.
What I find even more concerning is the fact that this same agency with a department that takes children from their parents seems to be protected from much of this scrutiny. The people who work for said department never seem to come into the same spotlight in these articles that supposedly refer to DHHS as a whole.

Oh sure, every now and then we see one of their failures come to light...
The difference is that not since the death of Logan Marr in a foster home in Chelsea has this department gotten the light shined on their systematic failures. Instead, they begin to look like isolated cases rather than systematic failures, and that's just what they want you to think.  

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

“Fact and fiction about Maine’s drug affected babies,” Alison Mitchell, University of Maine

It's nice to talk truth vs the Mountain out of Mole Hill Making Method of filling people's heads with what we generally refer to as "bullshit".

“Fact and fiction about Maine’s drug affected babies,” Alison Mitchell, University of Maine

It's refreshing...  It's rejuvenating...  It certainly doesn't make the situation right as we don't want drug addicted babies and society should certainly take a stand against it.  But we also don't need to constantly be making the situation appear worse than it actually is.

I really think that the reason our politicians go to the extremes when talking about issues such as drug addicted babies, is because that's how they get the people to support the necessary funding for whatever program they're trying to implement at any given time.

Of course, I could be wrong and they could very well be stupid enough to believe it.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Prentice Powell Performs 'Good Father'

Prentice Powell makes his third appearance on Arsenio's show with an extremely powerful and emotional performance of "Good Father." Powell didn't leave a dry eye in the place.

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