Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bath man who claims false abuse charge has court appearance - Fight on Brother!!!

Fight on brother!!!

I know from personal experience that Maine's CPS Agents lie and get off on the power trip that they hold over the families.  If you don't believe me, ask anybody who has ever experienced a child protective worker crawling up their ass.  I'd bet my life that you'd get an earful in regards to how parents get railroaded through a cruel and unjust system.  Unless the judge slapped them with a gag order of course.

I also know from personal experience that half of these social workers couldn't tell the difference between child abuse and a hole in the ground.  They often jump to conclusions, harping on a result instead of a cause.  For example, if a kid is reported to the child abuse hotline by a teacher for scraping his knee and the reason for the scraped knee is that the kid fell off of his bicycle, you should know that the CPS worker will automatically jump to the conclusion that the parent maliciously pushed him off of the bike and that the poor kid could have (but didn't doesn't matter) cracked his skull. Therefore the parent should be chastised or rather put through a thorough child abuse investigation, have their kids thrown into foster care and be made to suffer at the hands of the Angels of Mercy who protect children from abuse an neglect.

They will come up with all kinds of horrific scenarios such as, "Oh My God!  He could have gotten hit by a car," and then accuse the parents of medical neglect for not rushing him to the hospital for x-rays when a Band-Aid and a dab of Neosporin made it all better.

Therefore, I think that we should at least give these parents from Bath Maine the benefit of the doubt and do whatever it takes for the truth to come out.  If this guy is innocent and the child has a disorder that makes his bones brittle or soft, then the states involvement should be nothing more than to offer to help the parents insure that the child gets the treatment they need.
For the first time in a year, a judge heard motions Wednesday in the case of Brandon Ross, a Bath man who claims he was falsely accused of child abuse.
Bath man who claims false abuse charge has court appearance
Notice that DHHS would do whatever it takes to prevent that information from getting into the hands of somebody who could use it against them including the parents or parents lawyer, as is suggested by this piece from the same article...
Because Ross and his wife, Cynthia, have had their parenting rights suspended, confidentiality laws prevent them from gaining access to Ryder’s medical records.
We see just how ruthlessly they protect their secrets.

I also want to point out that punishing the parents by throwing their kids into foster care was a bad decision because the kids are being punished much worse by not being able to see their parents.   Also, chances are that by the time these parents are exonerated and get their parental rights back, the kids probably will have been alienated by a wanna be adoptive parent or won't know mom and dad anymore because it's been so long since they've seen them and DHHS will hold that over their heads too.   

My heart goes out to this entire family.  Your fight is long from over, but know that you have the support of other CPS victims if you want it...  Fight CPS in Maine

And if you need help fighting your case and motivating your lawyer who might be dragging things out for billing purposes, then click here American Family Rights Association

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