Friday, April 10, 2015

Boy, 3, found walking outside alone in Windham

I'd say thank goodness that everything turned out alright, but this poor father from Windham now has potential criminal neglect charges hovering over his head and a CPS worker crawling up his butt.  God only knows how that will turn out.
Windham police and the Maine Department of Health and Human Services are investigating how a 3-year-old boy, dressed only in pajamas, ended up wandering along Gray Road on Wednesday morning.
Boy, 3, found walking outside alone in Windham
And the article ends with...
At approximately 8:35 a.m., the boy was reunited with his father. His father was interviewed by police before leaving the police station with the DHHS worker and the boy.
Boudreau said the results of the police investigation will be presented to the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office, who will consider whether criminal charges should be filed. Boudreau said police are not going to identify the family.
I personally think that the self-righteous hypocrites who form court of public opinion as well as Maine's DHHS workers and perhaps prosecutors, who have all lost sight of the fact that shit happens, will all jump to conclusions and put this poor guy through the ringer.  They're all more than likely acting as if the guy opened the door and pushed the kid outside.

What they don't realize is that kids are smart.  Kids are curious.  Kids are quick.  Eventually they tend to figure things out such as how to open a door.

Of course we don't want things like this to happen.  No parent does.  Nor does any parent really expect it when it does.  It happens quick too.   A kid could sneak out the door the minute you turn our back.  Sure the kid could get killed or something and thank God that he didn't.  If it happens again, perhaps there is a deeper issue, but my God people, we don't need to lock this guy up or snatch his kid for a mistake could happen to anybody.

Just chill out and help your neighbors when stuff like this happens.  The world would be a better place.

Update: Now they identify the kid.  His name is Carson.


  1. happened to with like 3 adults in living room which was near the front door - only exit...3 yr old sneaks by everyone and out the door....was across the street (a quiet one thankfully) and in the school field when 2 neighbor girls found him and brought him home. Quick like bunnies kids are.