Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lewiston's mayor supports change to tighten lead exposure laws in Maine

Lewiston Mayor Robert Macdonald said the poorest children in his city have enough obstacles to overcome in their lives and he hopes state lawmakers will work to make sure lead poisoning is no longer one of them. 
Lewiston's mayor supports change to tighten lead exposure laws in Maine
Here is another of those feel good bills that would go through the legislature where the state will invite themselves into your home.  It sounds really good on paper when you say that we need to protect kids from led poisoning.  But they can
boot you out of your home too.  Now let me tell you what this involves.

Your kids goes to the doctor and gets their blood test.  The led levels come back high.  The doctor, who is a "mandated reporter of this" reports your home to the CDC, which is another division within DHHS.  Yes the one that shredded the documents.

Then out of the blue, this nurse from the CDC named Susan Lee calls you to notify you that a licensed led inspector will be coming to inspect your home.  If you own, you have to let them in.  If you rent, they will do so with your landlord.  If you refuse they will report you to CPS.  If they find anything, the owner is forced to deal with the led, which could involve anything from washing some dust off of a windowsill to full on abatement.  They could even condemn your home.

I went through this a while back with my own daughter.  Her led levels came back a little high.  They send this guy from a Lewiston company called Community Concepts, he comes in with this big testing kit and machine and checked the whole house.  Supposedly he finds a tiny bit of dust that contained a little led on one windowsill then wants to come back again and retest the whole house after we washed all the windowsills which the ol' lady does every now and then anyway, but they were just painted two days before he came the first time (I did this the weekend after I found out there was an issue).

The state then sends this big huge package demanding that you clean up the led.  Depending on what it is, it could become very expensive if you have to hire professionals.

Meanwhile the CDC continues to monitor your kids blood levels.  And yes they have the right to your kids medical records, and your 4th Amendment rights or HIPAA Privacy laws do not apply.

As far as my own kid goes, she's fine.  Her levels have been going down ever since.  What bothered me about the whole thing was how rude and forceful they were at the CDC.  I mean I'm glad to know that my home is safe for my daughter to live in, but jeez, what a bitch that Susan Lee was.

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