Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Proposed Knee-Jerk Legislation gives Maine parents more information about daycares

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Only in Maine would such a laws, as is being advertised by WGME here, be necessary.  You would think that common sense would prevail.  You would think that licensed daycare's in Maine would be properly vetted so that parents have reason to have faith in the process.  You would think that a State Issued Daycare Provider License should give the reasonable assumption that this is a safe place to bring your kids while you work.  But no.
A new bill would require DHHS to notify parents in writing of any complaints it's investigating within five days. 
Proposed bill gives Maine parents more information about daycares
The article goes on to say:
Sara Bachelder, a supporter of the legislation, said, “Had this legislation been in place at the time I would've had the information that I needed to make the decision that would have allowed me to protect my children."
Then it continues, and this is the part that concerns me:
Supporters hope this bill creates more transparency with investigations by letting parents know if their children are part of an investigation.
Although it means well and sounds good on the surface, like any other knee jerk legislation that comes out of Augusta, this one is bound to have it's unintended consequences, such as a false accusation or unsubstantiated claim of child abuse causing a total panic with the parents and putting an innocent and totally capable daycare provider out of business after having her name smeared all over the news.

That said, if a CPS Agent from DHHS wants to talk to my kids, I damn well want to know about it and be there for and record any interviews so that CPS doesn't gain the opportunity to interrogate my child about her homelife and invade my privacy and my 4th Amendment rights when there's no basis to do so.  (And you're a fool if you believe that this sort of thing would never happen in America or that they wouldn't find some bullshit reason to make your life miserable.)

But like Dr Phil says...

We must keep our kids safe!  Even if it puts an innocent person through the ringer.

So to hell with the innocent!  Let the witch hunt begin!  Just hope and pray that this doesn't lead to the next McMartin Preschool case which set off a hysterical panic all across the land, but I wouldn't put it past them because we all know that pedophiles who haven't been caught yet are great at passing their background checks.  Right?

What they should really do is suspend the license of the daycare as soon as they have reason to believe that such claims are true, and help the parents to find alternative quality childcare immediately after so as not to hurt business by destroying a parents ability to work and properly care for their children which they assumed they were doing via the failed licensing and vetting process.

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