Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Maine's Mandated Tattle-Tales

So the Bangor Daily News just published this article...
which talks about Mandated Reporter laws in Maine.  While there is some good information here that could potentially save a child's life, I need to point something out.  The article states the following...
"Due to the death of an infant in Maine last year who had a previous broken bone and bruising"
That must be referring to Ethan Henderson, the infant in Arundel who was violently thrown into a chair by his father Gordon Collins-Faunce.  (FYI: I have long argued that this particular case was used by the Gov. LePage administration as a springboard to launch a major child welfare policy change in Maine.)

The paragraph continues...
LD 1523 was written. This bill became law and mandates reporting to the Maine Department of Health and Human Services if children younger than 6 months or those unable to walk on their own exhibit evidence of a bone fracture, substantial or multiple bruises, subdural hematoma, burns, poisoning or injury resulting in bleeding, swelling or impairment of an organ.
Now, sadly a baby died a tragic death.  The media took the direction, "why didn't anybody report this family to CPS?"  But at least one person, if not more (they wouldn't tell us), did report this family for something else....
Families members say Ethan’s life might have been saved by a referral to the state Department of Health and Human Services and intervention by the department’s child-protection workers. 
The DHHS did receive a complaint that Ethan’s 3-year-old half sister was “covered in bruises” and that he and his twin brother were sick and not getting medical attention, but it’s not clear when that report was received.
And DHHS therefore dropped the ball.

They really should stop trying to change the focus to take the accountability away from DHHS, but instead they blame doctors and daycare providers and teachers who because they fear not doing so, will cover their asses and make that call against anybody, reporting every little scrape on the knee or every little disagreement with the parents.
The risk for not reporting a possible abuse includes a potential fine and lawsuit. Mandated reporters are protected by law and cannot be fined or sued for reporting. 
Worse than a fine or lawsuit would be the knowledge that failing to take action contributed to a child’s further injury or death.
Now, with all of this said, I do not want to discourage anybody from helping to protect a child when it's necessary, but Maine has literally become a safe haven for lying CPS rats, false accusers, vindictive ex's, or even school staff who feel the need to retaliate against a parent who complains against them.  Hell, I was even once reported for having to reschedule a doctors appointment.

There isn't a damn thing you can do about it either.  Unless CPS shows up at your door you might not ever even know about it.  They'll just keep you on file and they won't tell you.

It's all about getting you to make that call.  Never mind the fact that only a week ago Maine's DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew was crying out due to the desperate need for more foster and adoptive parents due to a crisis level shortage of available homes.  Now they want more when they can't even take care of the ones they have.

No abuse or neglect necessary.  Just call.

Such a pathetic group of tattle-tales you all are.  I'm ashamed of you all for falling for this scam.  If you only knew how much the lawyers, private agencies and service providers were making off these kids, then and only then would you see the light.  But you just focus on that one little baby who died while CPS looked the other way and blame everybody who didn't call, when you know damn well that's not the case.

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  1. These actions go on nationwide and parents need to be informed that all it takes to get sucked into their vortex of illegal actions Leading to removal Of their kids IS ONE PHONE CALL.
    Those that HAVE the info on EXACTLY HOW TO DEAL with their arrival, etc ,absolutely MUST make copies and hand them out at PTA, their churches etc POST flyers on public boards at their markets etc and encourage others to EDUCATE THEMSELVES and others to the dangers of the CPS.

    Start with the warrant-what does it look like ? who SIGNS IT ?
    what exactly DOES THIS MEAN and if presented via FALSE and fabricated evidence WHAT IS THE OUTCOME ?
    no warrant no entry to begin with NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY-YOU HAVE RIGHTS-review them.
    CPS can easily be replaced with an AUTHENTIC legal system where that one damn phone call WILL LEAD to an immediate exam conducted with the parent present throughout,an immediate VIDEOTAPED interview with these esteemed social workers and LAW enforcement
    and either RELEASED or admitted due to findings--NOT SHOPPED OUT TO THE FOSTER CARE SYSTEM.
    IF RELEASED, paperwork is to be immediately handed over to BOTH law enforcement and the parent.
    videotaped interview ? DAMN STRAIGHT as then the social worker CANNOT lie outright or enhance,fabricate statements given . Law enforcement also BEARS WITNESS to the interview and will be present.
    CHILDREN ARE NOT TO BE SEPARATED FROM THEIR PARENTS for any physical exams or interviews.

    there are many other ideas and examples of ""relief"", examples of PROTECTING THE INNOCENT but time and space prohibit.

    Our children and our disabled and our frail elders ARE NOT COMMODITIES for the state to USE for CASH.
    they have violated multiple state and federal laws-FILE GRIEVANCE, file complaints and of course as nothing will be done-FILE LAWSUITS-
    search out fight CPS etc=cases ARE out there, cases THAT WON--stop CPS via lawsuits as eventually the STATE gets tired of paying these settlements.

    and again, I encourage ALL that can ASSIST be available and have items such as how to prepare and file an affidavit OF TRUTH and get it on court record. assist victims in KEEPING THAT IMPORTANT note book logging in calls,appointments,what they did,who they spoke to,to check their court files to see WHAT ELSE have they slipped IN etc
    and to have your state's CPS manual to ENSURE ALL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES,TIMELINES , etc are followed exactly.

    thank you,