Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sometimes parents need to ask for help without fear of losing custody

Nearly 2,000 children are living in Maine’s foster care system, far outpacing the number of approved foster and adoptive families. While the Office of Child and Family Services issued a plea last month for more families to open their homes to children in foster care, we must do more to end this tragedy and ensure our children grow up in safe, loving homes. 
Eight of our colleagues in the Legislature are standing beside us to respond to this urgent need, sponsoring legislation that mobilizes the local community to prevent abuse and neglect by supporting families in crisis and helping them stay together. Our bill, LD 1065, the Strengthening Families Act, empowers parents or guardians to provide for the short-term care of a child when life circumstances prevent them from doing so. Our goal is to protect families and their rights while giving them the courage to ask for help before the challenges they face spiral out of control. 
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The only problem I have with this is it still invites CPS into your home.

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