Thursday, April 23, 2015

Taking on 'free-range' parenting; ie. Criminalizing Parents For Letting Kids Play Outside

Here we go!  Leave it to DHHS and WGME to start the conversation about criminalizing parents for letting their kids walk to school or letting their kids play outside.  Yes, this is where it's headed as that's what happened recently to a couple of parents in Maryland.

You gotta get a kick out of the blond helicopter parent in the video though.  She obviously watches too much TV.
A family in Portland says they're taking on what's called a free range parenting style to give their daughter more independence growing up.  While some say the style gives kids too much freedom, Sarah Cushman and Robert Levin say it's simply going back to how they grew up.  Their daughter, eight year old Cedar Levin walks to her elementary school in Portland without them.   
Taking on 'free-range' parenting
FYI, by the time I was 10, I had covered every inch of Old Orchard Beach on my bicycle and there were tons of strangers from all over the US and Canada all over town, all summer long.  I never got killed, molested, dragged into some sicko's car or anything.  Granted that was more than 30 years ago and the world changes but my God people!  Maine is a great place to raise your kids.  And if it isn't then the police need to start doing their jobs!  That's what us taxpayers pay them for.

Now I live in a decent neighborhood in Portland and there are kids running around all over the place.  It would be a sad place to live if anything were to change that.  As a parent, I'd go nuts if I couldn't let the kids outside to work off all of that energy.  Kids need to be allowed to do that, otherwise they'll just sit around playing video games and getting fat.

Such a group of pathetic paranoid idiots you all are.  Learn to mind your own business.  Helicopter parenting is much worse than you know.  And if we are to go that rout, then I would have to report about 30 parents on my street alone.

That would keep DHHS busy, now wouldn't it?  Flood the system with calls about kids playing outside.  Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!
FMI on the Maryland case that sparked this national debate, Click Here, lots of links to lots of articles on the Free Range Parenting Issue if you scroll down.

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