Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Wabanaki Child Welfare Truth And Reconciliation Commission has apparently reached some sort of conclusion

Back in 2012, Governor LePage signed the truth and reconciliation omission into law.  This gave the states native's the right to examine and make recommendations on cultural issues in child welfare.

Now they have apparently come to come conclusion are are recommending reform of the states child welfare system.  Especially in regards to how it handles cases that involve the Wabanaki people.
It was called a "mandate and beyond: recommendations of the Maine wabanaki-state child welfare". 
Wabanaki REACH Leaders want Child Welfare Reform
I have not read anything further about this decision as of yet and I look forward to reading their conclusions and more specific recommendations, as this is the first thing I've seen about it.

What I do know is that Maine's child welfare system has been engaging in cultural genocide of the Wabanaki people over the years.  This continues today.  They want it to stop. 
For more information on the TRC: Click Here

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