Thursday, June 4, 2015

Attn: Sheila Droege - Former Maine DHS Social Worker from the Biddeford Office

Dear Ms. Droege

I am happy and proud to let you know that yesterday my wife and I got to watch our beautiful daughter graduate from High School.

Of course, if you had your way we never would have seen her past the day she was born.  Perhaps you've forgotten that day back in 1996 when my wife was 5 months pregnant.  You came into my home backed by the power of the all mighty Maine Department of Human Services (later to be known as DHHS).  You were following up on another case from her previous relationship.  I had nothing to do with this earlier case with her son who you had custody of and she was fighting for, but you dragged me in anyway without as much as giving me the slightest opportunity to show you that I wasn't the bad guy.  I understand why I was involved in this, but you just assumed that I was bad because I fell in love with this woman and she loved me.

Perhaps you have forgotten how you smiled at me in the midst of the psychological beat down you were putting my wife through and said, "We're probably going to take your baby right from the hospital."

Sadly, years later on this wonderful day that was all about my little girl growing up, I though of that moment with you in my home so many years ago.  I know how close I was to not seeing this or any of the other major milestones in her life.  I have to thank God for allowing me to be there because had you had your way, I wouldn't have.

I have never forgotten those words of yours.  They haunt me to this day.  I remember the look on your face. I could tell you were enjoying yourself.  I remember the ugly orange hunting vest you wore and the bulging hips in the jeans that were too tight.  I remember what I wanted to do to you at that very moment.  I told you, "that wouldn't be in your best interest," and you took it as a death threat.  It may have been a poor choice of words for me, but you had just threatened us.  You had just shattered my world.  You triggered my fight and flight response, but I didn't run.  I remember how you then tried to destroy my character by making me out to be dangerous psychopath whose soul intent was to hurt you and who should never be around a child.

Fortunately, I'm a better man than that.  I was a father who felt the need to fight for his family.  I fought you and won.  I did all the right things and yesterday it all paid off because that little baby that we had to fight so hard to keep emerged into a beautiful young woman and we got to see it.  We got to be the ones to guide her along the way and I thank God for the privileged.   She hasn't gone a day without a roof over her head and she has never had to go without a meal, she's never been abused, she's never been in any trouble with the law, never done drugs or smoked, she's smart and talented and healthy, she will be starting college in the fall.  

We did it despite you although it should have been your job to support us.  You should have helped us to make it work and only acted against us had we given you a reason to believe that she was in danger.  That just wasn't your way.  You turned what should have been one of the happiest moments in our lives into a nightmare.  But we did it.

You were a real inspiration to me.  Your words forced me to define myself and helped me to become the man and the father I am today.  You destroyed my faith in the courts and the government of my state.  You taught me to question authority and to watch my back every step of the way.  I learned how to fight a corrupt and evil system thanks to you.   You changed my path in life.  You inspired my social activism and my website that exposes people like you, but you didn't destroy my family.  I couldn't let you.

The only thing left that bothers me about all of this is that we weren't the only family who you touched during your career at DHS.  I can't claim to know what your track record was, but I know the kind of person that you were at that time in your life.  It disgusts me to know that people who do such an importand job working with children and families would employ a monster like you.  My heart goes out to those who didn't get to see this day with their own kids because of you and those like you.  I know there are lots of them because I hear from them every day.

Peace Love and Flowers

The monster you created

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