Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Auburn school official makes 'racially' motivated Facebook post

And what are the people of Maine offended by today?
A Facebook comment made by an Auburn School Committee member is being labeled as “racially” motivated. 
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Oh my God!

The news people need better things to report about.  Really.  I mean this guy is an idiot, but sending a reporter out to do a news story on an offensive Facebook Post?  I could see if it involved a student, but it didn't.  Just some jackass making a rude comment.  Come on!

Have we really sunk to this level as a society?

I'm afraid so.

Political correctness has gone way over the top these days.  The schools are full of it.  Although it is well intended, as every child should feel welcomed and safe in their school, we now live in a world where kids can be asked to turn their shirt inside out or leave because the American flag on it might offend somebody.  And in one city in Maine, they don't even call it Valentines day anymore because there are so many people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds that they could be sued for offending somebody...

Sadly, racially motivated hatred in Maine is alive and well but it's certainly not getting the attention it deserves.  I noticed it while reading the comments under articles about the asylum seekers collecting welfare in Portland.  It's downright shameful.
I wonder if any of these commenters are school officials?  Perhaps WGME 13 should look into it.

Expose them all!

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