Monday, July 13, 2015

Corrupt CPS/Maine The Death Little Ricky Letourneau * Deborah Wolfenden

Maine Social Workers Negligent Little Ricky Letourneau Dead In Foster Home With Deborah Wolfenden A State Of Maine Education Consultant. Did Deborah Wolfenden Get Away With Manslaughter? Education About How To Keep Your Family Safe From Dangerous Child Protection Services.

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  1. yes she did, she beat him and attacked his genitals & buttocks with her nails, this went in for over a year while she did the same cruel torture to his baby brother Ryan. She claims she shoved Ricky into the floor & he died from a blow to his head when he aspirated on his vomit. THIS WOMAN IS THAT EVIL AND SHE WAS LET OFF BY A NO GOOD JUDGE TO SERVE ONLY ONE YEAR!!! At least when her corpse rots she will die and spend eternity screaming in Hell for the mercy she never showed those two little boys. BURN DEBORAH BURN!!