Monday, July 27, 2015

OUR OPINION: The Media Milks This Stuff

This morning I come across a few articles of stuff we've already been discussing but that you should read anyway.  Nothing that inspires any major rant or anything, so I'll share the links in one post.  

I realize the media has been milking these stories.  That's what they do.  It sells papers. Regardless, the more you know the smarter you'll be so read.

Let's start with the Annie E. Casey Kid Count report that just came out. gave us one of those nice opinion articles that they use to try to sway public opinion.
The constant stress of living in a poor household affects the way a child's brain develops, but that's not the only thing that sets kids back. 
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You should read it.

Moving on...

The Marcy's Diner Drama continues with the experts weighing in from across the USA.  You should learn the proper etiquette when bringing your kids out into public so that your brats don't cause a social media firestorm.  
Last week a heated online exchange between a Maine restaurant owner and a mother of a fussy child became an international news story. Marcy’s Diner owner Darla Neugebauer screamed at the almost 2 year old disrupting other diners in her restaurant, and the offended mother posted a rant about the incident on Facebook. Neugebauer fired off an expletive-laden rebuttal, and people with and without kids commented on the posts, instigating a debate over whether parents and their children belong in restaurants. 
Restaurant etiquette tips for parents dining out with kids in San Francisco
 The idiots are also weighing in on this...
What if my bad parenting choices go viral? 
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 but we must cover all the bases.

Finally, remember that case in Westbrook where the mother was charged with child endangerment for letting her kid play at the park?   Well, she was mentioned in an article in the New York Post.
Or how about the case just last month of Nicole Jensen in Westbrook, Maine? Her 7-year-old daughter was playing for an hour in the playground down the block — you can see it from the family’s porch. But someone called 911 to report an unsupervised child, and the cops swooped in. 
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I personally think that the Westbrook cops were a wee bit overzealous in that case and should probably be fired for not keeping the town safe enough for kids to play outside in.

But that's just my opinion.    

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