Thursday, July 9, 2015

Saint Andre helps with family visitation

A new program has been instituted at Saint Andre Home’s Center for Parenting and Play that will allow parents to visit with their children at a reduced cost. 
The program is made possible by two grants – $20,000 from the Sam L. Cohen Foundation and $30,000 from the Virginia Hodgkins Somers Foundation. According to Diane Madden, director of marketing and development, the grants will be used as scholarships to help families pay for the supervised visits, which usually cost about $75 each. Using a sliding scale, some parents may be able to use the service for as little as $25 per visit. 
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I like this sound of this.  Too many parents (mostly dads) can't see their kids in Maine.  It's not always because of abuse but often because one parent is vindictive and uses the child as a weapon against the other.  Professionals and services like this can not only help teach them to be better parents but they can testify as to their observations about the visits and how much effort the parent puts into it before and after.  

It's ridiculous to me that anybody should have to pay to see their kid though.

I would also hope that they are trained on Parental Alienation.

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