Thursday, August 20, 2015

'Super Lice,' Secrecy and Back To School Fear Mongering In Maine

Okay, so the following article is from Florida, but mentions Maine as a state where the problem being discussed is also taking place.  That problem being Head Lice that have developed an immunity to the current treatments that we have for them.
Scientists that study lice populations across the country have reported that the bugs found in at least 25 states have developed into creatures that are quite resistant to common over-the-counter treatments. The researchers reported those findings to the American Chemical Society this week. 
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Here's another article from Maine, but I had to search it out because it didn't just pop up in the news feeds.
Just in time for the kids to go back to school a new study has found 25 of the 50 states have head lice that have built up a tolerance to normal treatments making them immune. 
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Fortunately, this is not the end of the world, as according to the article, there are still prescription treatments that are effective, and lice don't carry disease like ticks do, which the media has been going off about as recently as today, but that's not the point.  

The problem is in the way the State of Maine Center For Disease Control will handle it.  They will monitor the situation.  They will identify the schools and families with the head lice outbreaks.  The media will sooner or later jump on it.  School nurses will call parents and parents will go to the doctor for treatment, or shave the kids head so there is nowhere for the little buggers to hide, whatever.  If they don't solve the problem quickly, a social worker might show up to inspect the home and move along the process among other things.

What they won't do is notify the public of where the outbreaks are so that parents can make the schools take preventative measures. The schools will still make all of the kids hang their jackets up together, and all of their backpacks will be stuffed into the same corner.  Who knows what could be lurking in some other kids backpack, head lice, bed bugs, cooties...  (Twilight Zone Theme here)

It will be just like when they failed to notify the public of where the Chicken Pox outbreaks were back a couple years ago, forcing the Propaganda Press Herald to take them to court on a Freedom of Information Act request.  
The Maine CDC has refused to release the names, citing privacy issues, but the newspaper says information about outbreaks of infectious diseases would help the public avoid exposure. 
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And yes, no matter how clean you are, sooner or later your kid will probably come home from school with head lice.   You could get head lice while trying on new cloths at your favorite high end clothing store.  You could get it from the person who sat in the seat on the plane ahead of you when you went on your trip to the Bahama's too.  There is really no way to escape it short of total isolation.

Bwa ha ha ha ha.

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