Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Maine Lead Paint Panic

So I've come across 2 articles with one coming from many different sources, as if it were released as a press release.  These articles have to do with the led paint issue, which I've brought up before.  This is certainly an issue that warrants some concern, as would anything that effects the health and well being of our children.

They like to fluff the problem to cause a panic though.  So here we go.
Experts know the solution is to remove lead paint from homes or maintain it so it doesn't chip, peel or break down, but officials have taken a cheaper approach that means lead poisoning will persist. 
More >> Despite state law, thousands of Maine children still suffer from lead poisoning
The problem I have with this is the way the state handles it.  When your doctor reports the issue to the state, they invite themselves into your home.  They inspect it thoroughly.  If you don't comply, they report you to Child Protective Services.  Either clean up the problem or face having the place condemned.  For homeowners it's very expensive to do.

Also, this woman, Susan Lee, from the CDC who calls you to inform you of the oncoming invasion is not very nice.

Most children with lead poisoning are from poor families who live in lower quality apartments.  The state does not help these people relocate to safer housing.  Nor are there any incentives for landlords to provide it, and it therefore becomes harder for people to find affordable rents.  Nor are there very many lead free homes in Maine.  Therefore we're all screwed.

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