Friday, September 11, 2015

Maine DHHS to hold sham seminar to discuss impacts of prenatal substance abuse

So here comes the LePage Administration all concerned for families now after cutting successful drug treatment programs under the guise of welfare reform and trying to do away with treatment options such as Methadone and replace it with Soboxone instead of adding it to the states arsenal of tools to help people.   Here he comes concerned for the babies born addicted while piss testing parents in an effort to boot them off welfare.
The conference is the latest initiative by the LePage administration as it grapples with Maine's drug epidemic. 
More >> Maine DHHS to hold seminar to discuss impacts of prenatal substance abuse
I'm sure anybody who attends this seminar will hear about how the state is adding more police and making jail cells available for addicts.  

You'll hear talk about the need for more foster homes but little about helping the kids by helping their parents by making treatment options and good supports available or anything.  You'll hear nothing about how much more this approach costs, just that the legislature should provide more funding to support policies that punish rather than treat addicts and destroy families rather than help the children.

The event will take place on September 30th at the Seasons Event & Conference Center in Portland.

155 Riverside St. 
Portland, Maine 

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