Monday, September 28, 2015

Mayor Robert McDonald from Lewiston: ‘Name and shame’ welfare recipients so special needs kids will stay out my state

Robert MacDonald, (ie. Mayor McDickhead) mayor of Lewiston, said on Sunday that he wanted to publish a registry of welfare recipients because he was annoyed by disabled children coming to the state for help. 
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Leaving aside the asinine notion to publish the names of people on welfare to a website...

As the parent of a special needs kid, who has gone through all the hell of dealing with public schools, special education, physical restraints, social workers, IEP's, complaints against top administrators, cover-ups of child abuse, falsified documents, arm twisting and threats to report me to DHHS for refusing to drug her on several different pills and as retaliation for complaining about an incident where my daughter had to be checked for a concussion, etc, I gotta ask where this idiot gets his information?  There is nothing great about any special education system in Maine.  Especially Lewiston's.

Sure they mean well and think that they're only trying to help, but having lost sight of the fact that kids are kids, it's now all about medicating the kids to keep them quiet and docile during all day kindergarten time and identifying families where trouble could be brewing to feed the states cash cow of a child welfare system.

Mayor McDonald is obviously out of touch with the current educational financial trends as well.  Just think about how much money the schools would loose if he got all the special needs kids out of his state which is in direct opposition to the current trend of diagnosing more kids with special needs so the schools can qualify for more federal funding through the DOE and Medicaid which pays for more normalization services such as occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, etc, thus pumping more federal money into the schools which isn't all dispersed to the welfare sucking parents of the special-ed student, as Mayor McDonald would have you believe.  The loss would be tremendous to any town and many schools couldn't survive without this extra money, and many professionals who work with these kids would be out of a job.

You are a bad parent if you question their "state as parents" authority.  They prefer parents who will just give their kids the meds and kids on Medicaid are much more likely to be diagnosed, go figure.

And my special needs kid was born here.

Therefore if, like Mayor McDickhead says, you are a parent of a special needs kid coming to Maine for the special education services, then you are just as ignorant and stupid as he is.

And you're feeding your kid to the dogs.  So there.

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