Friday, January 8, 2016

Attention Drug Dealers: If you impregnate my daughter I'll find you and cut it off!

Yes folks!  Maine's Governor has once again set off the easily offended.  This time, he claims that drug dealers are coming to Maine, selling drugs and knocking-up "young white girls" and the media is running with it.

LePage: I meant to say Maine women, not white women

Gov. Paul LePage on 'white girl' remark: 'I slipped up'
Maine's Governor Paul LePage held a news conference Friday morning to discuss his recent controversial remarks he made at a town hall meeting in Bridgton Wednesday night.
Now let's not be too hard on the Gov, he's an idiot.  You knew this when you re-elected him.  Instead, perhaps you should heed his warning and teach your daughters to keep their legs closed around drug dealers.  They don't make the best fathers in most cases and it really doesn't matter what color they are.  A man is a man and a piece of shit is a piece of shit.

Spose remixes Gov. LePage’s ‘impregnate a young, white girl’ quote into a song

Besides, if a comment like that offends you, I'd hate to see your reaction when your daughter comes home pregnant and introducing you to D-Money or Smoothie.  I'd be the next Lorena Bobbitt.

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