Saturday, January 23, 2016

Attorney General Janet Mills outlines current hot topics

Maine's Attorney General apparently gave a speech in Lewiston this past Thursday, where she went off on all of the wonderful work her office is doing including helping DHHS to rip families apart.
“We are seeing people who cannot take care of their kids,” Mills said. 
Child abuse cases last year resulted in judgments of $1.5 million against parents. 
There are about 2,000 active child protection cases in which children are under state custody, Mills said. 
“Sadly, that’s increasing,” she added. 
Mills described discovery of meth labs where children were present or nearby. A new law increases the severity of penalties for conviction of meth lab operation when children are around, and Mills said she hopes awareness of that aggravating factor will have a positive result. 
Prenatal drug use is another area of great concern, she told the audience. 
“It’s a significant challenge,” Mills said, adding that 8 percent of all live births in Maine last year showed findings of drugs affecting the babies.
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Please don't just take her word for it without questioning what's really going on behind the veil of their confidentiality laws.  

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