Sunday, November 6, 2016

Single Mom's are being blamed for the high rates of poverty in Maine now

Yes they are.
Of the tens of thousands of Maine children living in poverty or just above it, most are living with just one parent, usually a mother. In 2014, 69 percent of Maine’s children in poor families and 54 percent of children in low-income families were being raised by a single parent. In middle- and upper-class families, only 19 percent of the children were being raised by a single parent. The poverty level for a four-member family (two parents, two children) in the United States is set at an annual income of $24,300; low-income is defined as $48,600. 
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Of course the mom's are going to blame the fathers for not paying child support, like you will see on in the comments section of the following article.
I was/am a single mom. I left their father, a six bedroom home, three cars in the garage etc. and everything money could buy to a life of poverty (money wise) because their father would not pay child support.
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Of course it has nothing to do with her lack of employable skills or anything.

To be fair however, a lot of these gals find themselves in abusive situations and the state doesn't want to do enough to help them get back on their feet when they get out of it.  They get stuck in this vicious cycle of never being able to get ahead.  Others, however, simply need to keep their legs closed.

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