Monday, November 7, 2016

Spurwink Honors It's Own Cash Cow and DHHS's Favorite Shrill Himself Dr. Lawrence Ricci

I'd rather post his mugshot.
A former player for the New England Patriots, Troy Brown came to visit Portland the other day apparently to receive one of Spurwink's Humanitarian awards.  Here is the link to WGME's piece on this.
I would like to congratulate Troy Brown for this honor which did get all of the media attention even though he wasn't the only one being honored at the event.  According to the Portland Press Herald...
He was speaking to the 500 guests assembled for the Oct. 21 award ceremony honoring Bruce and Annemarie Albiston, co-founders of the Aphasia Center of Maine & the Adaptive Outdoor Education Center; Troy Brown, former New England Patriot, three-time Super Bowl champion and author; and Dr. Lawrence Ricci, medical director of Spurwink’s Child Abuse Program. 
Society Notebook: Spurwink honors humanitarians
Now I don't know what old Larry boy was being honored for, but I do know that he is a total jerk.  I know a few innocent parents who would like to honor him too but we won't get into that.  

For those who don't know, Dr. Lawrence Ricci is the head of Spurwink's Child Abuse Program.  He is the go to boy when DHHS Department of Children and Families needs a diagnosis of Child Abuse. His boss, Spurwink, also runs a few "Therapeutic" group homes and education programs around the state for special needs kids and foster kids.  

Maybe you've dealt with him?


  1. Lawrence ricci doesn't deserve any reward for what he does....he makes false accusations against innocent caring loving parents and have their children taken and put into a worst environment...he causes problems not fixed them...he should be stripped of the reward and placed in jail for what he, dhhs, and eastern maine medical center has done to families

    1. Anyone who has had parental rights violated or terminated in maine. Especially if it was clearly wrong, illegally, unethically or by family court, dhhs, etc, Representative Heidi Sampson Alfred, Maine District 21: needs your help. She is in need of verbal or written testimony for new law protecting those rights especially important to reply to her asap to meet committee deadline. More we speak up sooner we can pass this new legislation LR 1875
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