Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Maine's CASA Program needs puppets to justify DHHS's Child Protection Scam and save money on lawyers!

Maine's DHHS needs what they call Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA).   CASA Volunteers are generally brainwashed puppets who take the place of Guardian Ad Litem's in court for for free for kids who were snatched by DHHS so that DHHS doesn't have to pay lawyers to do it.  

In order to qualify, you have to be willing to believe everything the nice social worker says in light of everything else you hear from the parents and children or any of the paid system sucks such as foster parents, shrinks, special ed teachers or qualified professionals who may be supportive of the family.

People who can see through their bullshit will probably be screened out rather quickly.  

So if you're gullible and self-righteous and willing to work for free then this may be the opportunity for you.  Click on the link below for more information...

More >> Speaking for foster children: Maine CASA to hold advocate training

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