Thursday, February 9, 2017

How to file a complaint against the Professional Medical License of Dr. Lawrence Ricci

Due to ongoing abuse of children and parents by Dr. Lawrence Ricci, the Cash Cow and Medical Director for Spurwink's Child Abuse Program, it is important for families to start standing up for themselves.  A fairly easy way to thank him for all the troubles he has caused your family would be to file a complaint against his License to Practice Medicine in the state with the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine.

Filing a complaint in against the professional license of any health care professional in Maine is easy.  

If you have online access, you could go to their website and learn about professional licensing.  

They have an online complaint form that you can fill out.  

You could also download and print out a PDF complaint form (be sure to send it certified mail) 

Or you could call (207) 287-3601 and request a paper copy of the complaint form and they will send you one in the mail.  

The quickest way would be to do so online and the state provides consumer advocates who will help you through the process once you submit your initial complaint.

Once your complaint is filed, it will be considered by the licensing board.  Dr. Ricci will then be given a chance to respond to the complaint after which you will be given the chance to rebut his response and provide your evidence of his unethical and traumatizing behavior.  

The more people who do this the better.  Imagine him having to respond to 50 complaints all at once. The poor bastard will be feeling like a real parent in a child abuse investigation.  

The important thing is to tell the truth.  Don't try to make anything up.  From what I've been hearing from parents, there is no need to anyway.  Nor can Dr. Ricci do anything to retaliate against you.  

If it is determined that he has abused his position, they will suspend his license so he will no longer be able to do this to families.


  1. Ricci makes false diagnoses that don't exist and that's fraudulent Diagnoses and fraudulent billing. People should 1. file police reports on him for False and fraudulent medical practice and 2. file complaints with Medical Insurance Companies that he is falsely billing fictitious diagnoses. Medical Insurance companies can audit him and if he does not have "clinical evidence" to support his diagnoses than the Medical Insurance Companies can kick back the claim and refuse to pay him. If the Medical Insurance Companies audit multiple claims and find the same issues they will report him for Billing Fraud. Filing a police report on him even if the police blow it off eventually it will build a case against him. So, parents don't be intimidated by him and know there is a lot you still can do to hold this filthy disgusting liar accountable. Ricci has Munchausen by pediatric patient syndrome which is a very serious extremely harmful and life threatening to his patients. His inexcusable behaviors put children in "immediate danger".

  2. Don't forget. You can also report him to HIPPA, also Medicare and Medicade. If your child is receiving state or government Medical Insurance they are like bull dogs on Medical Doctors who commit medical fraud. You have the right to report him.

  3. Maine Parents: You must record all Medical Appointments. Any ER visits for you or your children, any PCP appointments, or specialist medical appointments. Per Maine Statue you have the right to record without them knowing. Maine is a one party consent state and that one party can be yourself. It's the only protection you have. Due to Ricci's delusional behaviors that all parents are abusers of some kind he now has Medical Doctors in Maine Profiling Parents before practicing appropriate medical care leading to multiple false allegations and misdiagnoses. The medical doctors have learned Ricci will always protect them and now medical providers and doctors have learned that the can use and abuse Child Protective Services to cure legal worries/malpractice and for retaliation. A patients medical record is considered a "legal document" and what a medical doctors writes in it becomes "legal" and most the time it's falsifying to protect themselves. The only weapon of protection a patient has that will Trump that Legal Medical Record is if you recorded the appointment. It's your right even if they have a "policy that says you can't. State Statue Trumps their policy. Plus keep in mind Ricci and other doctors are video taping and recording you!!!!!! Even in Hospital Patient Rooms.. Right Ricci!! Audio Recorders have over 100 hours, cost $40, and pick up everything even if in your pocket.. Go buy one today!! Buy 2.. Keep one on you and one in your car or home!!!

  4. Last, I must add. Has Ricci ever made child abuse allegations against a parent who are Police Officers, medical doctors, lawyers, judges, or social workers??? NOPE!!! Ricci is also aware that many children in Foster Care in Maine are being abused by the foster parents even sexually abused and raped and the social workers will move the child to another foster home and "NOT" report it to the police.. Ricci does nothing to prevent this, change this, or stop this horrific abusive behaviors by social workers and foster parents. Those poor kids don't even get rape kits or medical attention after being raped and sexually abused nor an attorney who will sue on their behalf. The State and Ricci hide it all. Ricci is no hero for children. He's filth.