Monday, May 8, 2017

Maine's DHHS Snatched 905 Kids Last Year

May is National Foster Care Propaganda Awareness Month and like she has over the last few years, DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew comes out pleading for more gullible suckers potential foster parents to warehouse a stolen kid open their hearts and their homes for a child in need.
The state says there's a continued need for foster homes in Maine as more children come into state custody because of parental substance abuse. 
More >> Maine DHHS says foster homes needed for kids with special needs
On top of that, the article goes on to say that Maine snatched 905 kids last year which is about 11 less than 2014, which I consider a significant improvement considering the leadership which has been directly responsible for an increase in state sponsored child snatching over previous years by cutting services available to families involved with the child welfare system that helped kids stay safe in the home.  
They're still blaming drug abuse as the main culprit leading to neglect but are still continuing their assaults on the poor by trying to cut Medicaid, making treatment difficult to obtain for some.  God forbid it could have anything to do with their policies.

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