Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Spurwink Will Now Be Selling Babies Apparently

So according to a letter to the editor in the Piscataquis Observer, Spurwink Services apparently got the contract for A Family For Me, which is Maine's adoption from foster care program, and they are currently recruiting more foster care providers.   And apparently there is an "urgent need," for suckers foster parents in Maine right now.  And if you want to become a foster care provider then you can call Spurwink and they'll hook you up or if you want somebody elses kid of your very own to keep forever, you can call them for that to.
Spurwink Services was awarded the A Family for ME contract by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). This contract will allow Spurwink to relaunch A Family for ME, a statewide recruitment campaign to identify families interested in becoming foster and adoptive parents for children in custody of the Department. 
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I'm sorry but I see a conflict of interest here.  This same company also runs Maine's child abuse program which is run by Dr. Lawrence Ricci, who is arguably DHHS's favorite go to person when they need a medical diagnosis of child abuse.  This should be a real motivator for him to help DHHS get more kids into the system.  It's good for the company.

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