Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Maine's Acting DHHS Commissioner Loves Signing Adoption Papers

So Maine's DHHS posted this little diddy on Facebook this morning about how Mary Mayhew's "acting" replacement Ricker Hamilton just LOVES signing other peoples stolen children away into new families.  A process known in the Child Protection Racket System as Adoption.

Of course the people who have never experienced the pleasures of a DHHS social worker crawling up their ass still believes that this is all for the greater good because ALL of these (18 so far) children were "abused or neglected." Maybe some of them were, but I doubt all because I know for a fact and personal experience that DHHS is unfairly heavy handed in their treatment of families who have come into contact with child welfare since Gov. Lepage and Commissioner Mayhew took over. People believe this is best without a single care in the world  as to the pain and suffering or the struggles or the work or the fighting that the families went through to get the kids to this point only to be shot down and failed by the system that was supposed to help strengthen and preserve their families by providing services to help them become better parents.

Yes I do realize that some parents are not capable of caring for their children due to whatever reason, but I also know many in Maine who are and are fighting tooth and nail to get the kids back.  It's not only them  who are getting screwed though.  Never mind, for example, the Grandparents who are capable and willing to care for the kids but are being shunned by DHHS for whatever reason.  I know grandparents in Maine who are fighting for or raising the kids and even Senator Susan Collins has taken a sudden interest in this issue.
One of the many fallouts of the opioid epidemic is that thousands of children are winding up in the care of grandparents, including many in Maine. 
With parents in prison, strung out or dead, these youngsters are among the 2.7 million nationally who count on grandparents to raise them, sometimes on limited incomes or struggling with their own health issues. 
More >> Susan Collins seeks to help grandparents raising grandchildren
Of course I'm sure Senator Collins only cares about the grandparents who were given the opportunity to care for their family members.  I haven't read it yet as I haven't found any such bill online, but I assume that there is nothign in this bill that requires DHHS to prioritize kinship placements of children rather than foster care which is what leads to adoption, just that it qualifies this segment of the population for Government Funded Services similar to what's given to foster families.

Sadly, most people who read this crap in the news or on Facebook will get that heartwarming feeling after being led to believe that the state is doing good things for the children when in all actuality it's all about the money and the services, many of which the LePage Administration has cut funding for..

Go Figure!

FYI: You can follow the progress of Senator Collins Bill here...

S.1091 - Supporting Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Act 


  1. Child welfare is nothing but a human trafficking ratline to other fraud schemes, like funding political campaigns and investment& laundering schemes.

  2. Elizabeth Hardink, LSW in Maine is adding false abuse report to the State System as Anonymous and Anonymous Medical Provider to open false cases on parents to steal their children. She also forges legal documents and implants false evidence to sabotage parents. Get this: Elizabeth Hardink, LSW says that because children missed "ONE" day of school for a necessary medical appointment for treatment of an infection they picked up at school is Truancy and a reason to steal your children. "ONE DAY". She also protects Domestic Abusers who dropped a child off with burns all over the child's body... She threatens parents if they don't submit to her she will take their children and you will never see them again and threatens she will say you hurt your children. Why is she not fired? She's sick twisted Social Worker who harms children.

    1. I recently had my children stolen to a false emergency order, to sum it up due to this new federal ruling you can now file charges, look it up, federal case#15-55563.. It is the dhhs case workers right to lie case,,, I filed charges two weeks ago im waiting on a jepordy hearing in a couple weeks,,, they are committing criminal acts, all of d a s in the nAtion have been put on notice to prosecute dhhs workers who are lieng in reports and affidavits, 15-55563. Look it up... Good luck

    2. The federal courts say it has always been a crime to lie on investigation reports to impair a parents rights, they say not only is it a crime, its a malicious crime, and stated d a s should have prosecuted dhhs workers they new was lieng,,, dhhs workers can no longer lie, this federal ruling the dhhs caseworker right to lie case #15-55563. It Is out of the 9th circuit but special presiden55563.givin in this new federal ruling, it can be sighted NATION WIDE IN ALL FEDERAL DISTRICTS, , START PRESSING CHARGES AND PUT THESE FKRS WHERE THEY BELONG, ,,JAIL THEN SUE THE HELL OUT OF THEM

    3. Watch theses youtube videos, federal case# 15-55563. The actual court hearing will pop up,, these judges go off on dhhs workers, also kathleen Arthur she will also pop up, look at dates tho she does alot of up dates,, also you cam work with the, OUR CHILDREN MATTER.COM, ACTIVIST

  3. Elizabeth Hardink was the best social worker I ever had! She helped me get the necessary services that I needed and helped my children stay with me. I doubt Elizabeth thinks truancy is missing "one day of school." I also seriously doubt that she forged releases. Elizabeth is not a "sick and twisted social worker." Your allegations are crazy and it sounds like you are the one who is "sick and twisted!"

    1. First, I believe you are Elizabeth Hardink, LSW making that post.

      Elizabeth Hardink, LSW should be arrested to attempted murder for what she did. She is "deadly" The mother video taped and recorded her. All of it. It's posted on Youtube. The mother is also an "auditor" and traced the false report to Elizabeth Hardink, LSW. The mother has put a 1,000 reward for the return of the medical records Elizabeth Hardink, LSW stole. She's delusional and possible Schizo. She has the signs and symptoms of Schizo. It's on camera too. Yes, Elizabeth Hardink, LSW documented Truancy for the children missing "ONE" day for necessary treatment and more. She is scum. It will catch up to her someday, legally.

      You can see some of the video here and read what she did! Elizabeth Hardink, LSW is a liar, a saboteur, and a child predator.


    2. And, Elizabeth Hardink, LSW protects convicted domestic abusers who drop his child off at pre school years ago with what appeared to be cigarette burns all over his body, plus fractures at different multiple times and says she has no concern with the convicted domestic abuser strangling and dragging the boy around by his neck. She's video taped saying it. Why, because he's her 'friend' and then threatened the mother to shut up or she will take the children. That's a psychotic, antisocial personality disorder, possible schizo. There are people working in the System stopping her from taking children because she's reckless, out of control, and taking children from safe homes and putting them into abusive foster homes. Nice job. The Commissioner should investigate her and fire her!!!

    3. Ya she's the dhhs worker that's exactly how them snakes talk,, start filing charges with your local d a s office, new federal ruling as of Jan 3,2017. The dhhs caseworker right to lie case 15-55563. Put her in JAIL LIEING SKANK