Friday, February 16, 2018

Maine Media and Schools Jumping on the Florida School Shooting Paranoia Bandwagon

I have kids.  I want them to be safe while they are in school.  I'm sure every other parent feels the same way.  But the horrific tragedy in Florida has everybody on edge.  And who wouldn't be?  The media is flooded with terrifying images and heartbreaking stories from the family members who lost their loved ones.
My heart goes out to the family and the community.

Now, thanks to our very own local news sources, this sort of fear and paranoia coming home. 

As soon as the Florida tragedy happens, we get two potential school shooting cases and a bomb threat right here in our very own peaceful state.  It's sad that it happened, but the local newspapers harp on it.  And they use such powerful words to spark even more fear and anxiety into parents.  That's how they get ratings.
Here's the other case.
And I look and here's another one that just happened...
Now I do appreciate that the schools and the police are doing everything they can to keep our kids safe.  But with the news media filling the normal person with such horror, I'm worried that the schools will end up resembling prisons in the name of safety.  Or give the idea to troubled teenagers with guns.

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