Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Rise of School Resource Officers in Maine

I suspect we will be seeing a lot more of this in the coming months.  
The Regional School Unit 13 board of directors will vote Thursday on whether to add school resource officers at a high school and elementary school in Rockland. 
If board members approve the plan, the district would establish a partnership with the Rockland Police Department to have an officer serve both Oceanside High School and the South School, an elementary school, according to the school board’s agenda. 
RSU 13 Superintendent John McDonald told the Courier-Gazette that he would also confer with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office about providing officers for Oceanside Middle School in Thomaston and the district’s other schools not located in Rockland. 
More >> Rockland-area school district considers adding police officers
Especially with the recent wave of threats made by students on social media right here in Maine.

I'm not opposed to school recourse officers in this day and age of school shootings.  I think it is worth having safety measures in place.  After all, psycho's showing up at schools with AR-15's has become a terrifying fact of life for many, especially with the news media overly sensationalizing and harping on it such as they do. 

Parents are afraid, hoping and praying that their kid won't be next victims in a long and bloody problem that our government can't seem to be bothered with enough to take action.

I'm also not totally opposed to teachers being armed if they are properly trained although I have a hard time picturing my daughters kindergarten teacher playing Kindergarten Cop/Commando in an active shooter situation with her gun drawn, leading all the kids to safety. 

What I am against is turning our schools into prisons, which is the next step.  You know when 7 year old kids start getting cuffed and arrested for behavioral problems?
Or when the cop decides that the child isn't being compliant and feels he/she has the right to take physical action?

You know, it's just the little petty details like this that they leave out when convincing you all that it's all in the name of safety.  

Therefore certain safety measures need to be taken so that the safety measures that are in place don't become a threat to the safety of our children instead.  Sadly, this has become another harsh reality in this day and age.

If we let it get out of hand, our schools will more and more resemble prisons instead of places of learning.

So lets use a little bit of common sense in regards to this issue.  Yes we need them there for safety, but don't let them become the school disciplinarians because then they will become just as much a part of the problem.

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