Saturday, May 12, 2018

LK's personal complaint against (Patricia) PJ Miles from KidsPeace Maine - Alternative Response Worker


Phone(207) 771-5700

49 Atlantic Place
South Portland, Maine


To John Beaman or to whom it may concern

On Wednesday May 9th I received a phone call from one PJ Miles (Patricia J. Miles).  This was due to a false accusation of child abuse or neglect that was made on May 7th and was referred to your agency for Alternative Response Services.

I found PJ Miles to be rude and disrespectful.  She seemed to have her mind made up that I was guilty before she even called.  Within 30 seconds of the two-minute conversation she was already accusing me of verbal aggression and all I said was that I wasn’t interested in any of her services.  By the end of the conversation she had accused me of bullying her and threatened to get Child Protective Services involved and decided that she didn’t want to work with me even quicker than that.  So finally, I said, I’m sorry I can’t work with you and hung up.  It was obvious that if one did not kiss this woman’s butt right after her introduction then accusations were gonna fly.  Fortunately, she did tell me she represented your agency KidsPeace Maine.

Shortly after, I contacted her supervisor Stephanie Cater at 207-877-5029 and complained.  I was really upset over this as the situation is already scary enough.  Ms. Cater took my complaint about PJ Miles over the phone although I doubt she did anything, and I agreed to talk to another worker named Ryan Weaver.  After speaking with Mr. Weaver, I set up a meeting with him, agreed to work with him to resolve this issue.  Unfortunately, before this could even be set up, PJ Miles had already sent it back to CPS, so I ended up having to work with a real CPS worker, who was also much more professional, respectful and much nicer than PJ Miles.

PJ Miles
PJ Miles and her dog
First of all, I find it difficult to believe that anybody would be happy to hear from an any CPS or Alternative Response worker to discuss a false allegation of child abuse or neglect.  It was a shock to me to have the accusation made in the first place, but to have somebody who was unprofessional and throwing around even more unwarranted accusations left and right so quickly and without even knowing me is simply intensifying an already stressful situation.  I’m not a bad person and I’m working with several professionals already regarding the same special needs child who the report was made about, and who all respect me and enjoy working with me.  I didn’t even have a problem with the CPS worker in all honesty, so far anyway.  I guess an unproven accusation is all PJ Miles needs to pass judgement.  She’s certainly not objective.  Perhaps your agency should offer better training to your workers.  Just a thought.

Because of this incident and my faith that PJ Miles will probably get away with it with no repercussions and be left to attack other parents who find themselves in this situation and who live in my own community, like she attacked me during a 2 minute phone conversation, I have decided to focus my attention on your agency, KidsPeace Maine, on my blogs.  I am a popular blogger who runs a blog on Parental Rights and Child Welfare Issues called Legally Kidnapped which can be found at  Your agency, and PJ Miles will be blogged about for the whole world to see for as long as this case drags out.  PJ Miles will also now have a special featured post on Legally Kidnapped, because I think it’s important to warn other parents that workers like her are allowed to attack parents like this, so I will post a copy of this grievance on there as well as on all of my social media accounts that are associated with my blog.  And it will be there forever.

It’s really quite sad and pathetic that I have to do this considering that some families may even benefit from the services your agency offers.

Thanks to her supervisor, Ms. Cater, giving me her real first name (Patricia), I was able to find her on Facebook just by typing her name and get her picture for my blog but I will never contact her in any way again.  So honestly, I don’t care what you do with this grievance.  I would like a written apology from PJ Miles for my blog as well, but I won’t hold my breath.

Patrick Rafferty


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