Thursday, June 20, 2019

Members of the "Silent No More Against Maine DHHS" Facebook group protest in Augusta

Members of a newly-formed Facebook group were at the State House Wednesday protesting the Maine Department of Health and Human Services.

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  1. Maine says family first that is so not true i been fighting for over a year the caseworker has told lies an out memos out on me that was lies the caseworker has told me she would see to it i was not in the court room im the grandmother the kids have been living in my home from birth dhhs has put my 3 grandbabies in harms way 2 times i was not allowed contact with them. An they were separated for over a year the caseworker wants to adopt the 3 kids out separate i will not stop till i have the caseworkes license took away from her this is not fair to my family or the kids they stuck them in strange homes when they have a safe home with me to protect them im moving to maine just so i can get 3 caseworkes license taking away all maine has done is cause stress aggregation slander on my name and all the lies told on me i proved them all wrong the caseworker said i was not favorable to get my grandbabies because my criminal background lol i dont have a criminal background i passed everything dhhs had me do an still i dont have my grandbabies i have been on my phone monday thru Friday for over a year trying to find someone to help me. I emailed the president (worthless) the commissioner of dhhs (scott perkins) the senators of maine an nit one calls back they dont answer the caseworker an her supervisor an there supervisor nothing just a bunch of excuses slander on my name lies told about me an telling me my grandbabies dont want nothing to do with me or talk to me or see me or live with me all lies it took over a year to get a phone call once a week. If i dont get my grandbabies an they get adopted out when i can take care love support an PRETECT them. I promise i will not stop till i have there license they have ripped my family apart i make that my promise to the 3 dhhs workers in volved
    Maine family first is a bald face lie because if i pass i should get the kids an there is a caseworker in south Carolina i want her license an a ICPC worker they all have took there time no contact no communication no nothing i still dont know because no one calls back all they do is slander an lie on my good name im starting here an then im moving to maine just to rip there lives apart like they did my family i will get a lawyer an sue dhhs for this crap that could have been avoided from the start but no i want them to pay for my grandbabies being in harms way when i could have got them an pretected them